Multipurpose Surfaces

Unlike furniture, the applications for materials are undefined and abstract, lending to more creative endeavors. Marked by innovation and sustainability, materials can be used for everything from custom furnishings to unique finishes and more.

Transparent, semi-transparent; smooth, textured, three-dimensional; single ply, double ply -- simple as the material may at first seem, there are infinite variations and types. Options include: tempered glass, laminated glass, float glass.

Customized metal materials and metal work can produced easily and cost-effectively. Perforated metal is often used in cases where weight reduction, optimized acoustic properties, and improved heat dissipation are desired.

Plastics are synthetic polymers. Plastics are soft and moldable during production, so nearly any object can be formed from plastic. They exist as hard plastics and soft plastics, clear and colorful plastics, and plastics that resemble leather, wood, or metal. Synthetic resin is one type of plastic.

For exterior and interior applications, tile adds luxury and personality to a space. From large-scale outdoor fabrication in terracotta to detailed finishing work in kitchen and bathroom, tile is easy to maintain and clean.