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Multipurpose Surfaces

From countertops and vanities to cladding, featured walls, and art displays, multipurpose surfaces give spaces a compelling finishing touch. Creativity abounds in this category with a variety of material options including glass, metal, laminate, and resin.

Refers to any surface with an integrated digital display. Digital solutions includes interactive signage, interactive educational displays, interactive informational displays (as in a museum), and integrated monitors featuring specialized branding or advertisements. Video walls are a large-format digital display with several monitors or projectors tiled together to create a single screen.

Transparent, semi-transparent, smooth, textured, three-dimensional, single-ply, and double-ply – as simple as the material may seem, there are infinite types and variations. Other options include tempered glass, laminated glass, and float glass.

A versatile and affordable alternative to wood veneer, laminates are made by fusing together thin layers of paper and plastic resins. Another advantage is the great variety of image, pattern, and texture, as laminates may duplicate the look and feel of wood, metal, leather, and stone. Uses include countertops, tabletops, and cabinet faces.

Customized metal materials and metal work can be produced easily and cost-effectively. Perforated metal is often used in cases where weight reduction, optimized acoustic properties, and improved heat dissipation are desired.

Resin is a durable, chemical resistant, and versatile substance made from organic compounds and polymers. Many resin panels have a large amount of post-consumer material, meaning they’re an eco-conscious choice that helps keep material out of landfills. Panels may be opaque, transparent, or translucent. They’re available in a variety of colors, and some use a technique that embeds materials like paper, leaves, or printed graphics within a transparent panel for a unique aesthetic.

Natural slabs like marble and granite offer a classically beautiful aesthetic. Engineered stone provides a comparable look at a better price point. Porcelain slabs are made from a plentiful material—they are cost-effective and durable with excellent water resistance. Slabs are principally used as kitchen countertops and vanities. Additional applications include shower surrounds, tabletops, and outdoor kitchens.

For exterior and interior applications, tile adds luxury and personality to a space. From large-scale outdoor fabrication in terracotta to detailed finishing work in kitchen and bathroom, tile is easy to maintain and clean.

Wood is a natural alternative with a warm, appealing aesthetic. Contemporary wood panels come in a variety of iterations—exotic and domestic, veneers and solid planks, even peel-and-stick options that use ultra-thin lengths of wood with an adhesive backing for easy installation. Reclaimed panels are an eco-friendly choice that offer the popular and versatile look of weathered wood. Uses include ceilings, walls, and decorative features.