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For exterior and interior applications, tile adds luxury and personality to a space. From large-scale outdoor fabrication in terracotta to detailed finishing work in kitchen and bathroom, tile is easy to maintain and clean.

A mainstay for kitchens and bathrooms, ceramic tile is versatile, durable, and affordable. Made from clay that is shaped and kiln-fired at high temperatures., ceramic tile is a natural and eco-friendly material available in many sizes and nearly any style and color. Additional uses include kitchen/bath backsplashes, entryway flooring, bar countertops, and fireplace surrounds.

A manufactured product made of stone aggregate in a base of epoxy resin. Engineered stone tile provides the look of granite or marble at reduced cost and with easier installation. It is also warmer underfoot than conventional tile and less susceptible to cracks from minor impacts. Many design options are available, including tile that duplicates the look of wood, metals, concrete, and fabric.

Prized for its unique aesthetic, glass tile interacts with light, giving itan unmatched brightness and vivid coloration. Although it’s among the more expensive options, glass tile offers several advantages. It’s easy to clean and impervious to water. Additonally, many brands contain recycled glass, making it an eco-friendly option. Most often used in backsplashes, glass tile also works for shower walls, fireplace surrounds, and swimming pools.

A variety of innovative types of tileto add different textures, depth, colors, and feel. Marble tile is a luxurious option offering classic beauty. Wood tiles provide natural warmth with a unique aesthetic that distinguishes it from traditional hardwood flooring. Cork provides softness underfoot and excellent acoustics. And eco-friendly options like reclaimed cement and coconut shells are becoming increasingly viable. Other options include metal and metal mesh, stone mosaic, and slate.

Though among the pricier options, natural stone tile provides an unmatched aesthetic. Because it’s completely unadulterated, it captures the look of stone as it occurs in nature, complete with deep intricate veining and impressive coloration. A variety of shapes and sizes are available, from over-sized to miniature, simple rectangle to herringbone. Choices of stone include marble, travertine, granite, slate/quartzite, limestone, and sandstone.

Porcelain tile is made of a specialized type of kaolin clay that gives it superior density and impermeability. It’s thus an excellent choice for countertops and bathrooms. Recent advances have enabled greater varieties in pattern and color—porcelain tile that strongly resembles wood or natural stone is increasingly popular.

A unique material constructed of earthen minerals that are formed and kiln fired. Quarry tiles are naturally impermeable, so they may be left unsealed—showcasing the color and texture of the natural feldspar, clay, and shale used in its manufacture. Quarry tiles have an innately slip-resistant surface, making them a great choice for walkways and entryways.