Rebecca Dorris Steiger

Designer Pages is an extremely helpful resource when searching for products, and serves as a perfect complement to my office’s well-stocked design library.

– Rebecca Dorris Steiger, Associate, IIDA

Lance Amato

Great online, all-inclusive material research service for your design and architectural needs!

– Lance Amato, Associate, Registered Architect
Conant Architects

Jacque Suozzi

Designer Pages allows designers to share their findings with other members of the project team and avoid redundancy.

– Jacque Suozzi, Resource and Materials Coordinator

Amanda Smith

Designer Pages solves the clunky problems posed by print catalogs and has become a welcome supplement to the way I organize product information.

– Amanda Smith, Registered Architect
Rogers Marvel

Kendall Lowe

By leveraging the advantages of an online community and database, Designer Pages promotes a forum for the discovery of new products and manufacturers.

– Kendall Lowe, Designer
Rockwell Group