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Stone Slabs & Other

Natural slabs like marble and granite offer a classically beautiful aesthetic. Engineered stone provides a comparable look at a better price point. Porcelain slabs are made from a plentiful material—they are cost-effective and durable with excellent water resistance. Slabs are principally used as kitchen countertops and vanities. Additional applications include shower surrounds, tabletops, and outdoor kitchens.

A cost-effective alternative to solid granite or marble, engineered stone features crushed stone (most often quartz but also marble) processed with a resin binder to create solid slabs. Used in countertops as well as walls and floors, engineered stone offers a uniform appearance while providing excellent resistance to stains and scratches.

A variety of innovative alternative materials used for countertops, offering a unique aesthetic and high performance. Slabs are available in brushed aluminum, solid metal, metal laminate, concrete, recycled glass, and various exotic stones such as Amazonite.

From Stonehenge to Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion, natural stone has forever been a fixture in architecture and design. Achieving glamorous spaces or rustic retreats, natural stone is used for wall cladding, flooring, and various other surfaces, sculptures, and even structural applications.

Ubiquitous in toilets, bathtubs, and tiles, porcelain is made of kiln-fired China Clay, creating a natural, durable, stain-, scratch-, and chip-resistant material. These same qualities make porcelain countertops an excellent option in kitchen or bath. Glazes are applied to the surface for a solid color or in a variety of different patterns.

Including shower and tub surrounding walls, countertops, sinks and other fabricated surfaces, solid surfacing encompasses a wide range of products. Browse our selection of glass, granite, marble, quartz and manmade iterations.