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Manufacturer's Product Description



Conductive glass products from AFG Glass meet a wide range of specialized needs—with applications in plasma displays and LCDs, commercial refrigerator/freezer doors, and solar glass panels.

AFG Glass offers a number of coated products designed for electrical conductivity, featuring innovative technologies that place AFG at the forefront of this product category. Conductive glass solutions from AFG can be found in plasma displays and LCDs, reach-in glass doors for commercial refrigerators and freezers, and solar panels that utilize amorphous silicon cells. AFG’s conductive product family offers the outstanding durability and ease of handling associated with pyrolytic glass solutions—as well as high transmission levels and outstanding conductivity. Practical conductive solutions from AFG can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual customers—for example, to meet unique resistance and etching requirements.


AFG’s superior solution for the electronic display industry, CFD TCO, offers a wide range of processing and performance benefits for applications such as plasma displays and LCDs.

AFG Glass offers an innovative transparent conductive oxide solution designed specifically for electronic displays. CFD TCO is a high-quality, cost-effective solution that—although it is a durable pyrolytic glass—can be easily etched for use in plasma displays and LCDs. In addition to offering this outstanding product solution, AFG Glass has developed an exclusive high-resolution etching technology that permits removal of the glass coating, after masking, to create the desired patterns for the electronic display. CFD TCO is a clear glass available in P-16, single, and 1/8" thicknesses, with a standard conductivity of 20 ohms/square—though special resistance values are also available. CFD TCO offers all the transportation and handling benefits associated with a “hard-coat” or pyrolytic product—and can be tempered or bent to meet special needs.


Offering excellent conductivity and durability, CFR TCO from AFG Glass provides invisible heating that improves the performance and appearance of commercial refrigerator/freezer doors.

CFR TCO is a unique coated solution from AFG Glass, designed to provide a heated glass product for commercial refrigerator and freezer doors. In the retail display environment, CFR TCO acts as an invisible heating element that reduces fogging and frost, providing a better showcase for food and beverage products. A clear glass solution that is typically offered in a 1/8" thickness, CFR TCO is available in several standard conductivity levels: 20 ohms/square (becomes 21 after tempering), 110 ohms/square (becomes 170), and 200 ohms/square (becomes 250). A durable pyrolytic glass, CFR TCO is easy to transport and fabricate as part of an insulated unit. To maximize the energy efficiency of their refrigerator/freezer doors, many AFG customers match one lite of CFR TCO with one lite of AFG’s pyrolytic low-e Comfort E2.


For those solar glass manufacturers utilizing amorphous silicon technologies, PV-TCO from AFG Glass features the high transmission, conductivity, and haze levels needed to maximize energy transfer.

PV-TCO is a transparent conductive oxide solution from AFG Glass that is specifically designed to meet the stringent demands of solar glass manufacturers who use amorphous silicon technologies. This practical solution maximizes the performance of amorphous silicon cells by offering high transmission, excellent conductivity, and the high haze levels required to trap light effectively in the amorphous silicon layer—increasing photovoltaic output. While PV-TCO is a durable pyrolytic product, it can be easily etched by laser ablation and wet chemical processes, in order to further increase output. Available in a 1/8" thickness, PV-TCO can be tempered or bent—and is produced in sizes up to 130" x 204". The electrical conductivity of PV-TCO is 9 to 15 ohms/square.

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