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Manufacturer's Product Description


• Pyrolytic - Hard-Coat
• Sputter-Coated - Comfort Ti™

AFG Glass offers a wide range of commercial and residential low-emissivity products that combine outstanding energy efficiency with the highest aesthetic standards—to help customers achieve their unique vision.

Low-emissivity glasses from AFG offer a spectrum of practical solutions, designed to meet real-world needs. As a supplier/partner in the DOE’s ENERGY STAR® program, AFG’s low-e products have established new standards for energy efficiency, with customized solutions for every region of North America. To meet the unique needs of its customers, AFG Glass offers both pyrolytic (hard-coat) and sputter-coated (soft-coat) products—with practical solutions designed for both commercial and residential applications. AFG’s extensive low-e family is the industry benchmark—representing new levels of product innovation, day-to-day comfort, and year-round energy performance.

Pyrolytic - Hard-Coat

AFG’s energy-efficient hard-coated products can withstand the real-world demands of glass transportation and handling—as well as special processes such as tempering, laminating, and insulating.

Comfort E2™ from AFG Glass is a pyrolytic low-e product that combines excellent energy efficiency with hard-coat durability—resulting in easy transportation, stacking, and storage. Strong and beautiful, Comfort E2 is also easy to temper, laminate, and insulate. For homes and commercial buildings alike, Comfort E2 saves energy costs by reflecting heat back into the room during colder months—while also allowing free solar energy into interior spaces. During warmer months, Comfort E2 reduces direct sunlight and blocks re-radiated solar heat.

For commercial applications, Sunergy® delivers excellent solar control and thermal insulation properties—combined with a neutral, non-reflective appearance that complements many architectural styles.

Sputter-Coated - Comfort Ti™

The Comfort Ti™ soft-coat product family from AFG Glass is an established industry leader in innovation and energy efficiency—setting new standards for year-round comfort and energy savings.

AFG’s Comfort Ti family of low-emissivity, sputter-coated glass products is designed to maximize energy efficiency—as well as visible light transmittance and color neutrality. Comfort Ti glasses meet a wide range of performance and geographic needs—delivering lower annual energy costs, year-round comfort, and a beautiful appearance. AFG offers a Comfort Ti solution for every ENERGY STAR® region in North America—as well as products designed specifically for commercial buildings and private residences. AFG Glass is committed to maximizing the flexibility and availability of its industry-leading Comfort Ti products—including offering Comfort Ti coatings for its tinted and low-maintenance glass products.


With one of the lowest solar heat gain coefficients available—.23—AFG’s patent-pending Comfort Ti-AC 23™ is designed to maximize air conditioning efficiency in Sun Belt regions.

AFG Glass created its patent-pending Comfort Ti-AC 23™—a low-emissivity glass featuring a revolutionary titanium coating—specifically for Sun Belt regions, where solar heat gain is a year-round concern. This innovative glass provides solar protection by absorbing visible light, making this the ideal solution for the hottest climates—where record levels of absorption are required to maximize air conditioning efficiency and interior comfort. Featuring a neutral, nonreflective appearance, Comfort Ti-AC 23 from AFG minimizes glare beautifully, without the high degree of reflectivity usually associated with solar-control glass products. By controlling the transmission of UV light, Comfort Ti-AC 23 also helps to protect fabrics, finishes, carpeting, and artwork from fading.

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