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Cradle to Cradle: Silver

Manufacturer's Product Description


• Clear Float
• Heavy Float
• Low-Iron
• Tinted Solarshield™

With nine float lines across North America, AFG Glass is a leader in manufacturing innovative, value-added float glass solutions that meet customers' practical needs—while also offering exceptional beauty.

Founded in 1978, AFG Glass has built a reputation as a leader and innovator in float glass solutions for the commercial and residential construction markets, as well as the specialty glass and automotive industries. Float glass products from AFG include clear float, heavy float, low-iron, and tinted Solarshield™ solutions.

AFG manufactures a wide variety of products for a spectrum of uses—including windows, doors, skylights, partitions, shelving, tabletops, and automotive applications. Available in a range of glass thicknesses and sizes, many AFG float products can be used monolithically—but they can also be coated, tempered, laminated, bent, insulated, and silvered for use as mirrors. Beautiful works of art on their own, float solutions from AFG Glass serve as the canvas for the unique artistic vision of architects, builders, manufacturers, and designers.

Clear Float

The perfect choice for many applications, clear float glass from AFG is widely valued for its extraordinary levels of clarity and colorlessness—as well as its high visibility and light transmission.

Clear float glass is a beautiful, versatile choice when specialty glass is not needed—and AFG Glass has built a reputation as a leader in this product category. Clear float solutions from AFG offer a wealth of product benefits, including outstanding clarity, excellent color neutrality, and superior levels of visibility and light transmission. In both residential and commercial applications, AFG’s clear float glass reduces the need for interior lighting, by flooding offices and homes with light—while its strength and durability are valued in the automotive and specialty glass markets. From doors and windows to furniture and other household items, clear float glass from AFG is a trusted and reliable performer.

Heavy Float

When additional strength is needed, heavy float products from AFG Glass are an obvious choice—featuring greater glass thicknesses, along high levels of clarity and color neutrality.

Heavy float glass from AFG has a wealth of applications in the commercial and residential construction industries—as well as the specialty glass marketplace. With thicknesses ranging from 5/16" to 3/4", these practical solutions offer increased strength, greater spans, reduced deflection, high daylight transmittance, and enhanced noise suppression. Heavy float products from AFG Glass can be found in commercial storefronts and windows, hockey rinks, aquariums, and homes with high wind-load requirements. These versatile solutions also have applications as office partitions, tabletops, shelves, and floors. Wherever additional strength is needed—without compromising glass clarity—heavy float products heavy float products from AFG are ideal candidates.


Low-iron float solutions from AFG Glass provide exceptional light transmission capabilities, combined with a virtually colorless appearance that makes them a clear choice for many applications.

AFG Glass offers unique low-iron float solutions that rival the light transmission of solar glass products—as well as offering exceptional levels of clarity and beauty. Virtually colorless, low-iron float products from AFG are the perfect choice for a wide range of commercial, residential, and specialty glass applications. Used as storefront or spandrel glass, AFG’s temperable low-iron products flood commercial spaces with light—while offering a high solar transmittance and a high shading coefficient. Available in thicknesses of 1/8", 5/32", 1/4", and 3/8", AFG’s low-iron solutions are a natural choice for active and passive solar applications—but they are also a lovely choice for furniture, appliances, framing, shelving, and display cases.

Tinted Solarshield™

Tinted Solarshield™ solutions from AFG Glass combine lovely aesthetics with outstanding performance—reducing energy consumption and creating more comfortable interiors for commercial buildings, homes, and automobiles.

AFG's exclusive Solarshield product family offers high-quality tinted products for the commercial and residential markets, as well as the automotive sector. Available in Solarshield Bronze™, Solarshield Gray™, Solarshield Green™, Solarshield Blue-Green™, and Solarshield Dark Green™ colors, tinted glass solutions from AFG create a beautiful exterior appearance—while reducing glare and offering unobstructed views.

These innovative products also offer outstanding energy performance. By absorbing the sun’s heat, AFG’s tinted Solarshield solutions reduce air conditioning costs for residential and commercial buildings, while creating more comfortable interior spaces. In automotive applications, tinted products from the AFG Solarshield family enhance visibility, safety, and privacy—while also ensuring a cooler interior. To meet a wide range of market needs, AFG Solarshield glass is available in thicknesses from 1/8" to 1/4".

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