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Manufacturer's Product Description

BASWA - acoustical absorption systems

The Finish Systems

BASWAphon is available in four standard surface finishes; “Classic”, "Frosted”, “Clean” or “Pigmented Frosted”in 3 system thicknesses, 30-mm (1.18”), 40-mm (1.57”) and 68-mm (2.68”); each having different sound absorption characteristics. All BASWAphon Systems are Green Products with a high NRC rating and high contributing point value towards LEED Certification.

“Frosted” System

The “Frosted” System has BASWAphon’s “light sand” finish that hides many minor imperfections in the finished surface, especially with critical lighting. The NRC Rating for the “Frosted” 40-mm System is 0.75 and the NRC Rating for the “Frosted” 68-mm System is 0.80. The “Frosted” System has the lowest installed cost.

“Classic” System

The “Classic” System continues to set the aesthetic and acoustical standard for all seamless acoustical products. The “Classic” System is BASWAphon’s premium product with a smooth hand troweled finish. Inherent with any hand troweled product, slight variations or imperfections in the finished surface may be visible with critical lighting. The NRC Rating for the “Classic” 40-mm System is 0.70, the NRC Rating for the “Classic” 68-mm System is 0.75.

“Clean” System

The “Clean” System is a specialty product that is highly resistant to moisture, mold and mildew, with a cost comparable to the “Classic” System. It is applied on ceiling surfaces of indoor swimming pools, protected exterior spaces or other high moisture applications. The “Clean” System has a “slightly granular smooth hand troweled finish”. The NRC rating for the “Clean” 40-mm System is 0.75 and the NRC Rating for the “Clean” 68-mm System is 0.80.

“Frosted Light Sand Pigmented” System

The “Frosted Light Sand Pigmented” System features BASWAphon’s integral pigmenting possibilities. This System has all of the attributes of the “Frosted” System noted above.

“Custom Finish” Systems

“Custom Finish” Systems are available. The “finished surface” of the “Classic”, “Frosted” and “Clean” Systems can be customized to meet designers’ needs. Samples of “Stucco”, “knock-down”, “Venetian”, “limestone” and other unique textures and colorations are available upon request.

The Product

The key ingredient of BASWAphon is a proprietary emulsion of mineral particles, which form a micro-porous membrane. The BASWAphon Acoustical Finish System consists of pre-coated mineral wool supporting panels, BASWAphon-Fill, BASWAphon-407 and BASWAphon-Top. The pre-coated BASWAphon mineral wool supporting panels are adhered directly to any stable sealed substrate surface. The seams between the supporting panels are then filled with the BASWAphon-Fill. BASWAphon-Fill has the same composition as the surface layer on the pre-coated supporting panels. After drying, the seams are sanded and a higher density (smaller mineral particles) base coating of BASWAphon-407 Base Coat is trowel applied and smoothed. When dry the base coat is sanded and highest-density (even smaller mineral particles) finish coat of BASWAphon-Top is trowel applied and smoothed. The dimension of the mineral particles decreases from factory applied pre-coat to the final topcoat, thus providing the appearance of a smooth, seamless conventional gypsum or plastered surface.

The BASWAphon Acoustical Finish System can be applied to flat, inclined, curved, warped, vaulted or domed surfaces. The pre-coat on the supporting panels is flexible. When the mineral wool is scored in one or two perpendicular directions on the rear side, the panel will conform to curved surfaces.

The BASWAphon Acoustical Finish System is available in 3 system thicknesses, 30-mm (1.18”), 40-mm (1.57”) and 68-mm (2.68”); each having different sound absorption characteristics.

Surface areas as large as 10,000 square feet can be installed without the designer having to introduce an control or expansion joint.

BASWAphon-407 Base Coat and BASWAphon-Top Finish Coat can be pigmented to match any desired color. The surface can be renovated either to change the color or to revitalize the acoustical properties, if the surface porosity is reduced due to dirt and grime over the years. This is accomplished the first time by recoating the installation with BASWAphon-Top Finish Coat. If additional changes or renewal is required, this is accomplished by removing the finish coat by steaming the surface as you would to remove wallpaper. After softening, the outer finish coat is scraped off and new BASWAphon-Top finish coat is re-applied.

BASWAphon Absorbs Sound

BASWAphon provides sound absorption by two mechanisms. The smooth micro-porous surface provides mid-high frequency absorption by allowing sound energy to pass through the surface skin and dissipate in the mineral wool, converting incident sound energy into heat energy. Additionally, the bonded BASWAphon mineral particles on the surface layer create mass, offering low frequency absorption through diaphragmatic vibration against the mineral wool backing creating a spring action. The graph below illustrates the random incidence absorption coefficient for a total system thickness (adhesive, pre-coated mineral wool panel, base coat and final top coat) of approximately 40-mm (1.57") and 68-mm (2.68"). Measurements are made with the BASWAphon system applied to 12.7 mm (1/2") drywall placed directly on the chamber floor following the ASTM C423 guidelines.

BASWAphon Installation

BASWAphon is a completely field-applied troweled on system that is applied in a three-step process, generally taking five days. The first step involves applying approximately 3-mm of adhesive to the rear of the BASWAphon pre-coated mineral wool supporting panels and pressing them snuggly to the stable sealed substrate surface. Following this, the joints as well as any cavities or voids created by the installation, are filled with a BASWAphon-Fill. The second step involves sanding the seam fill and applying and smoothing layer of BASWAphon-407 Base Coat. The final step involves sanding the base coat and applying and smoothing the final layer of BASWAphon-Top Finish Coat. The top coat must be applied in one continuous process until all of the desired area is covered. The topcoat provides the appearance of a conventional plastered surface.


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