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Manufacturer's Product Description

New dry urinal - no flush at all
Drinking water is one of our most valuable resources. Careful use of water and the development of sustainable product ideas to preserve our ecosystem are part of our responsibility at Duravit. This applies in particular to toilet flushes and also for urinal flushes. Frequently used urinals can be flushed up to 150 times a day, making up to 130,000 litres of water consumption a year.

The new generation of the Duravit Architec urinal range is an important contribution and a clever way of saving water. Thanks to a hose membrane fitted into the outlet, Architec Dry does not need flushing at all. The membrane only opens when urine passes through it. Then it closes again, keeping unpleasant sewerage smells at bay. The outlet on the Architec Dry has a stylish cover with a gel ring on the underside. This gel is based on purely organic substances which are gradually rinsed out when the urinals are used and wet the membrane. A special blend of pH neutral and cleansing ingredients fights any dirt and urine deposits from forming.

The micro-organisms used break down organic materials and prevent the formation of unpleasant odours. At the same time, the ring contains ethereal oils which are continuously released and have a fresh fragrance to give a pleasant feel to the room. The green gel also acts as an indicator. Once it is used up, the module needs to be replaced. The dry urinal is also available without a cover.

Cost-effective alternative, perfect for renovation projects too
Operating the Architec Dry needs no water feeds, fittings or flush water. This makes Architec Dry a cost-effective alternative to urinals with conventional flushes. The outlet with the membrane only needs to be changed after around 7500 flushes. By then, the new dry urinal will have saved a good 20,000 litres of drinking water. Maintenance is incredibly easy: use the key supplied to remove the hose membrane from its holder and fit the new module.

The ceramic bowl is easy to keep clean with a special hygiene detergent and a cloth. The Duravit Architec urinals were designed by Frank Huster. His designs are based on a square, ceramic wall object, from the centre of which the actual body of the urinal projects. This unique design language not only provides a contrast to traditional urinal designs, it also has practical benefits when it comes to fitting: The lip height of the urinal is 70 cm above the floor, as normal.

However, at a generous 38 x 66.5 cm, the back wall is a good deal larger than the conventional standard size. This means the Architec Dry can be positioned where previous models have left outlets, water feeds or drill holes in the wall. The ceramic plate conceals the old marks behind its hygienic white faЌade, making it a real all-rounder in renovation and modernisation projects. Whatever went before - Architec Dry will fit.


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