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Manufacturer's Product Description

Architectural Concrete Wall System
STONE-CRETE is a patented cast-in-place decorative concrete wall system that duplicates the look of hand laid stone at a fraction of the installation time and cost of natural materials.
STONE-CRETE is as versatile as it is beautiful with an ideal blend of aesthetic beauty and functionality for use in a wide variety of commercial and residential applications.
As a cast-in-place system, STONE-CRETE is not a veneer, but a re-enforceable structural wall system ideal for retaining walls, foundation walls, bridge abutments and dams.
In addition, STONE-CRETE's natural aesthetic beauty lends perfectly to non-structural applications such as subdivision entryways, landscaping accents and highway sound barrier walls.
Available in 10 standard deep relief patterns, STONE-CRETE's unique and patented coloring process allows for unlimited color capabilities giving total flexibility to match any design theme or specification.

STONE-CRETE Structural Wall System - A decorative solution to bridges, abutments and dams.
It's hard to argue with the structural benefits of concrete.Iit's the most widely used construction material in the world.
Concrete's ability to be re-enforced lends it perfectly for use in load bearing applications such as bridges, bridge abutments and dams. Concrete's only limitations in these structural, load bearing situations has been appearance. Unitil now...

STONE-CRETE utilizes the proven medium of concrete to duplicate the natural look of stone for a fraction of the cost of natural materials. With all its structural and load bearing capabilities, STONE-CRETE gives you beautiful design options for bridges, abutments and dams that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Retaining Walls with the beauty of Natural Stone and the Strength of Concrete
STONE-CRETE's retaining walls offer the option to blend subtly with natural surroundings or create a rich and elegant statement in the look of hand laid stone.
STONE-CRETE retaining walls offer the beauty of natural stone in the functionality of a structural retaining wall that can be colored to match any regional landscape considerations.
Unlike segmented retaining wall systems, STONE-CRETE offers a realistic look that can be installled in a fraction of the time, and since it's solid concrete through and through, with no individual parts, it's void of the ongoing maintenance issues commonly associated with segmented unit systems.
STONE-CRETE is an optimum blend of natural beauty and functionality that is revolutionizing retaining wall applications.

Foundations don’t have to be ugly!!
STONE-CRETE foundation walls offer a decorative alternative to dull, gray concrete.
STONE-CRETE allows foundations to be accented in the beautiful look of deep relief stone in a myriad of colors.
STONE-CRETE 's patented coloring system allows it to match any design theme or specification providing a truly versatile decorative finish.
Available in 10 standard deep relief patterns, STONE-CRETE offers the best of both worlds, the beauty of natural stone with structural capacity.

STONE-CRETE welcomes guests with the elegant beauty of natural stone
STONE-CRETE entryways create a warm and distinguished welcome for any shopping center, mall, country club, corporate park, hotel, housing development or estate with the beauty of natural stone.
Available in 8 standard patterns and an unlimited palette of colors, STONE-CRETE can match any design specification or theme.
And since STONE-CRETE is a cast-in-place concrete system, it requires little or no maintenance and can be installed in a fraction of the time and cost of natural materials.
Welcome your guests or residents with the natural beauty of STONE-CRETE.

STONE-CRETE Sound Barrier & Privacy walls offer the beauty of nature.
STONE-CRETE Sound barrier/ privacy walls offer the natural look of stone in a functional privacy/sound barrier wall system.
STONE-CRETE can be installed in a fraction of the time of conventional sound barrier systems and more importantly it is a natural looking alternative that blends with, or compliments its natural surroundings, making it perfect for large D.O.T. sound barrier applications where aesthetics and project timelines are of concern.
Available in 8 standard deep relief patterns with custom pattern capabilities, STONE-CRETE can be hand shaded to match or blend with any landscape or terrain.
STONE-CRETE truly is "Second Only to Nature" offering the best of both worlds, a functional sound barrier/privacy wall system in the unrivaled beauty of stone.