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Manufacturer's Product Description

Add strength and beautiful concrete color to both vertical and horizontal construction projects with CHROMIX Admixtures for Color-Conditioned Concrete. CHROMIX Admixtures are the water-reducing, set-controlling admixtures that produce durable and structurally sound architectural colored concrete.

CHROMIX Admixtures are suitable for all types of colored concrete projects from floors and hard landscapes to cast-in-place or precast walls. CHROMIX Admixtures are available in over 400 concrete color formulations in two convenient forms: CHROMIX P (powdered) and CHROMIX ML (mixed liquid in buckets and totes).

CHROMIX Admixtures provide
# A rich, diverse palette of concrete colors
# Evenly dispersed, consistent, streak-free concrete color throughout the concrete mix
# Repeatability -- batch-to-batch and project-to-project
# Superior, nonfading, permanent concrete coloring
# Increased concrete strength at all ages

Concrete colored with CHROMIX Admixtures may contribute to earning LEED® points under the Sustainable Sites category: 7.1 Heat Island Effect, Non-Roof for New Construction, Existing Buildings, Schools, and Core and Shell. Refer to the SRI chart for more information. In addition, most standard colors and many custom colors of CHROMIX P (powder) contain approximately 99% recycled material. Most standard colors and many custom colors of CHROMIX ML (mixed-liquid) contain approximately 95% recycled material.

Compatible Systems:
LITHOCHROME® Color Hardener
LITHOTEX® Pavecrafters®
LITHOCHROME® Chemstain® Classic
SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Lithium Densifier MP
SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Liquid Dye Concentrate

SRI Values for CHROMIX Admixtures for Color-Conditioned Concrete - Standard and Custom colors.

CHROMIX Admixtures may contribute to earning LEED® points under the Sustainable Sites category: 7.1 Heat Island Effect, Non-Roof for New Construction, Existing Building, Schools and Core and Shell by having a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of at least 29 or greater as measured by ASTM E903 or ASTM C1549. Learn more.

Below are Solar Reflectance Index ("SRI") values for standard CHROMIX Colors.*
Note that SRI values from field installations can differ from those listed due to the materials used, finishing practices such as excessive burnishing, and a variety of other conditions. The color achieved is influenced by local materials. Scofield's Technical Data Sheet requires that a mockup be done under actual jobsite conditions using each color. Prior to beginning the job itself, each SRI should be determined and approved by a commercial laboratory that is equipped to perform SRI testing in accordance with acceptable ASTM standards.

Note: plain gray concrete has an average SRI of 35.
Click here for the CHROMIX Admixtures SRI chart in PDF format.

CHROMIX Admixtures color SRI**
5130 Spring Beige 31
5234 Summer Beige 43
0288 Autumn Beige 40
6063 Winter Beige 38
3987 Porcelain Gray 44
4821 Shady Red 23
1266 Cool Gray 27
5238 Sunbaked Clay 29
C-29 Dusty Mauve 43
C-11 Desert Sand 39
C-20 Limestone 52
C-25 Sombrero Buff 51
C-26 Antique Cork 42
C-12 Mesa Beige 47
C-21 Adobe tan 32
C-15 Coachella Sand 45
C-27 Westwood Brown 24
C-13 Tawny Pink 42
C-22 Coral Red 36
C-32 Quarry Red 35
C-31 Shadow Slate 24
C-14 French Gray 24
C-24 Charcoal 12
C-34 Dark Gray 10
1019 Bridgeport Beige 43
4662 Santa Fe Tile 39
1014 Canyon Tan 40
1067 Fiesta Red 34
3292 Navajo Red 29
5402 Taos Taupe 31
4302 Roman Tile 32
1015 Estruscan Tile 29
5460 Timberline Tan 36
1734 English Rose 36
3410 Nutmeg Brown 26
5265 Surrey Beige 33
1010 Brownstone 18
1589 Durango Brown 28
3237 Musky Mulberry 27
1017 Barcelona Brown 25
1906 Fennel green 38
5059 Sorrento Red 31
1677 Eldorado Tan 36
6213 Golden Maize 44
3172 Moonlight Gray 29
1078 Chicory Spice 14
5178 Stetson Buff 29
4959 Smoky Plum 13

*Note that these are derived from laboratory tests using medium gray cement using a mix design of 5.5 sacks per cubic yard without pozzolans or other supplemental cementitious material.

**SRI values are calculated following ASTM E 903 and E 891 (100-point ordinate method), then the E 1980 SRI calculator following R. Levensen of LBNL using a materials emittance of 0.90 and typical ambient meteorological parameters.

Applicable Standards and Building Codes

As formulated water-reducing admixtures, all CHROMIX Admixtures conform to the following specifications: ASTM C 494, AASHTO M 194, and CRD C 87. As formulated coloring agents, they conform to ASTM C 979.

All CHROMIX Admixtures meet the requirements of the Uniform Building Code and the Standard Building Code for use in reinforced and prestressed concrete, and are approved by the City of Los Angeles under its classification Admixtures for Cement Reduction. Scofield should be contacted about approvals in specific jurisdictions.

Professional concreting standards and practices, including those published by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the Portland Cement Association (PCA), and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) should be followed.

Activity with Chromix Admixtures