Designer Pages Pro

Professional Web-Based Product Management for Your Design Firm

Designer Pages Pro integrates product information with your firm’s projects, yielding a living, breathing knowledge-sharing platform for your private micro-community.

Featured Beta Subscribers:

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Highlighted Features

Shared Project Folders keep everyone on the same page, beat by beat.

We know you’re working on projects. Heck, why else would you be searching for products? Project Folders are visible to your entire firm, helping everyone keep track of products being evaluated and specified. You can create Projects on the fly, rich with information such as location, budget, type, client, and more, OR you can request that Projects be auto-created for you (requires integration with your project start-up software).

Augmented search makes product data personal.

Now you can make better use of your firm’s collective knowledge. On product pages, you’ll find info such as how the product has been previously used in your firm and who was involved. Maybe you want to search for task chairs specified by your firm in a previous law office. Or find carpet tile you’re confident will perform beautifully in a healthcare facility because your colleague can vouch for it. Whatever information you’re seeking, you have a friend nearby to advise from the start.

Your firm News Feed is your bird’s eye view.

At the risk of sounding overconfident, we think the News Feed is super cool because it keeps you up-to-speed on what’s important, and helps kick-start product discovery with the weight of your firm behind you. See the products your colleagues are checking out, and the projects they’re currently working on, in real-time. What’s more, Trends – user, brand, project and product – help raise the best of the best, say the people you trust most.

Currently only available by invitation.