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Walls delimit and define space, not only determining the configuration and the amount of usable square footage, but also substantially affecting a room’s character. Walls may be finished with plaster & gypsum board or adorned with a variety of decorative and acoustical wall panels. They may be covered with patterned paper or textured fabric. And they may be modular—easy to move and demount for reconfiguring a workspace.


Fiberglass reinforced panels are a versatile and cost-effective solution for high-use venues where durability and hygiene are paramount. Made of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass, these thin panels adhere to most any surface (including wallboard, concrete, wood, or tile) with adhesive or plastic rivets. FRP provide a strong, stain- and scratch-resistant surface that’s easy to clean, making them ideal for restaurants, kitchens, medical facilities, and public bathrooms.

Space-delineating walls that extend from floor to architectural ceiling. Includes demountable walls, unitized movable walls, and movable frames and skins.

The workhorse of walls, plaster & gypsum board (also know by the brand names Sheetrock and Drywall) is the most common indoor building material in the U.S. Made of dehydrated gypsum sandwiched between paper sheets, gypsum board is low-cost, easy to install and finish, fire-resistant, lightweight, and non-toxic. The most common size is 4’ x 8’ x 3/8” thick, but a variety of dimensions are available.

Whether you’re looking to improve acoustics, enhance durability, or provide a visual statement, wall panels offer a brilliant solution.

A variety of flexible or rigid sheet products to cover and protect walls in educational, healthcare, or hospitality environments. Decorative fabric is a great choice for schools, offering a soft, child friendly surface and aesthetic options to match with the décor. PET panels come in many shapes, providing acoustical improvement as well as wall protection. Other options include peel and stick tiles, PVC panels, and vinyl sheets.

Deck the walls with a variety of finish materials that add decorative flair, provide protection, and improve function. Cork is an unconventional choice with a unique look and texture that’s great for featured walls in workspaces. Digital wallcoverings provide a customized forum for artistic expression. Wallpaper is a beautiful and versatile standby. And incorporated whiteboards are a productive and cost-effective way to use wall space.