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The humble table has evolved. Beyond traditional dining tables and side tables, the category now encompasses a variety of surfaces that aid both solo work and group collaboration. Café tables enable working on the go or in social environments. Conference tables may be permanent statement pieces or lightweight and mobile accessories for a dynamic workspace. Outdoor tables provide versatility to weather the elements while getting users closer to nature.

With today’s mobile working styles, café tables take on new importance. Beyond artfully accommodating a cup of coffee, café tables facilitate creativity and efficiency. They may be circular or square, seated or standing height, made of lightweight composite materials or classic wood. Most have a light, streamlined aspect and many incorporate eye-catching colors and unconventional materials like brushed metal or faux concrete.

Designed for infrequent and varied use. Small, light, sometimes decorative tables of varying heights that can be easily moved as the occasion requires.

Designed for use on patios or other outside areas. Usually weather-resistant. May include casters or glides.