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As work styles have evolved, seating options have increased. With the rising trend of ancillary furniture, task chairs no longer dominate the office. Lounge chairs, settees, café chairs, and booth-style seating with privacy panels have joined the ranks of modular seating, benching, and multi-purpose stacking/nesting chairs.

Upholstered bench-style seating. Banquettes work well tucked into a corner or placed along a wall. They maximize floor space by accommodating several people and they also make excellent impromptu and private meeting spaces for small groups. Linear configurations are common, but curved and semi-circular styles are available as well. May be part of a modular arrangement with integrated tables and power/data.

Typically used in lounge or reception areas. Benches seat people side by side. They’re available with or without backs and with or without upholstered padding.

Typically used in auditoriums, concert halls, stadiums, and entertainment venues. Fixed seating is comprised of multiple adjoined seating units that are attached to the floor. They’re available with or without arms.

Stools, with or without backs and legs, that have no adjustment features.

Typically used in lounge or reception settings. Includes sofas, lounge chairs, chaises, ottomans, and modular seating.

Typically used in lounge or reception settings. Units, with or without arms and legs, that fit together as modules to form various configurations.

Portable chairs that are used away from a desk for shorter-term sitting. Most often used in group settings, multi-use guest chairs are available with or without arms. They may have stacking or nesting capability.

Typically used on patios or other outside areas. Outdoor seating is available in a variety of styles – with or without backs and padding. While much outdoor seating is weather-resistant, some is not but rather designed for easy transport and storage out of the elements.

Typically used in airports, bus/train terminals, courthouses, and other places where people gather and often wait. Ganging capability is a common feature as it enables compact seating and easy reconfiguration.

Seating specially designed without backs or arms. Designed to improve posture and spinal alignment by encouraging users to engage their core muscles for self-support and balance.

Typically used in common meeting areas for shorter-term sitting. With or without arms. Can be stacked or nested when not in use.