Seating & Chairs

Typically used in lounge or reception areas. Benches, with or without backs and padding, that can seat people side by side.

Specially configured or customized to accommodate students in education settings. Includes chairs with tablet arms, tripod bases, and swivels.

Typically used in auditoriums, concert halls, stadiums, and entertainment venues. Multiple adjoined seating units, attached to the floor. With or without arms.

Stools, with or without backs and legs, that have no adjustment features.

Typically used in lounge or reception settings. Includes sofas, lounge chairs, chaises, ottomans, and modular seating.

Typically used in lounge or reception settings. Units, with or without arms and legs, that fit together as modules to form various configurations.

Typically used away from a desk and shared by multiple users for shorter-term sitting. With arms. May have stacking or nesting capability.

Typically used on patios or other outside areas. With or without backs and padding. May or may not be weather-resistant.

Typically used in airports, bus/train terminals, courthouses, and other places where people gather and often wait. With or without arms or ganging capability.

Without backs or arms, designed to improve posture and spinal alignment by having sitters engage their core muscles for self-support and balance.

Typically used in common meeting areas for shorter-term sitting. With or without arms. Can be stacked or nested when not in use.