Paints, Stains & Coatings

Paint gives decorators and property owners a big bang for the buck – completely transforming the look of a space for very little cost. Stains maintain and enhance the look of natural wood while also providing protection from wear and U.V. light. Coatings include primers, urethane finishers, crack-fillers, and enamels.

Many surfaces require the use of some type of high-performance coating. Primers prepare surfaces for painting, assuring better adhesion while reducing the number of coats required. Urethane coatings preserve and protect stained or natural wood surfaces. Crack and block fillers even out the surfaces of porous materials like cement and masonry. Protective enamel is a specialty finish for metal, wood, concrete or masonry.

Energize a space with pops of brilliant color. Chill out with sedate earth tones. Paint helps set the ambiance and create a desired mood. Today’s paints are extremely user-friendly, offering consumers excellent color-matching technology and a variety of choices including interior and exterior; flat, matte, satin, and glossy finishes; and eco-wise “green” paints with low or zero VOCs.

Stains penetrate within the wood grain to protect against the elements. They also create a desired tint—darkening the surface while bringing out the best qualities of the particular species. Many stains include polyurethane, which forms a protective glossy outer layer. Eco-friendly stains made of natural resins and plant, earth, or mineral pigments provide a low-VOC product.Uses include decks, docks, fences, planters, siding, and interior wood features like casement and baseboards.