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Simply said, a faucet is where the water comes from. Styles run the gamut and conform to use for bathtubs, showers, basins, bidets, kitchens, and utility rooms. The aesthetic ranges from stylized angular faucets with an ultra-modern look to traditional designs with long, arcing necks and embellished handles. Popular features include touch-free activation, waterfall delivery, and flow control or other water-saving functions.

Beyond style and finish options, bathroom faucets are available in single-hole, center set, widespread, or wall-mount faucet type.

Gone are the days of the conventional combo-style shower/bath. Contemporary faucets offer a seemingly unending choice of shape, style, finish, mounting type, and water performance features. Overhead rainshower styles are de rigueur for showers and waterfall spouts are popular for tubs. Mounting options include ceiling mount, wall-mount, deck-mount, and floor (tub filler). Detachable spray faucets are versatile and convenient. There are various choices for water delivery as well, including pressure balance or thermostatic valves, fast and slow massage, aerated spray, whirl, and soft drench.

Bidets need faucets too! While they may be under-appreciated in North America, bidets are a staple feature of bathrooms throughout Europe, Asia, and Spanish-speaking America. Faucet options include thermostatic and pressure balance valves, single or dual-handle, and a variety of stylish finishes.

Traditional kitchen faucets have been outnumbered by contemporary, tech-savvy, functional kitchen faucets with innovative spray mounts, touch solutions, and water-saving features. While stainless steel and brushed aluminum remain popular, matte black and white offer trendier options.