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Decorative Lighting

Chandeliers are the ultimate statement piece. With multiple heads and lamps, they create an impression of classic luxury, though they also appear in modern incarnations with intersecting rings, floral shapes, and asynchronous, other-worldly configurations. Bath and vanity lighting must match the décor while providing targeted, flattering light. Floor and table lamps illuminate a defined space while offering a personal touch.

From simple and utilitarian to decorative and ornate, bath and vanity lighting offers a functional and personalized touch to this intimate space. Options include wall-mounted sconces, linear LEDs, integrated mirror lighting, and overhead pendants. Many offer a subtle and subdued quality of light.

Often featured in spacious dining rooms or airy atria, a chandelier can make a grand aesthetic statement. The traditional chandelier features curved arms with multiple lamps in an ornate style. Modern and contemporary incarnations offer everything from intersecting loops of flexible metal to asynchronous droplets of beautiful blown glass.

A conglomeration of decorative chandeliers, pendants, floor and table lamps. Ideal for hospitality, residential or wherever decorative lighting elements are required.

Typically used to offer targeted lighting for reading or study, table and floor lamps may feature a simple vertical shaft or an adjustable projecting arm. They often add a personalized touch with traditional, contemporary, and abstract designs. Mid-century modern lamps are quite popular as are ergonomic task lights that offer adjustments of the intensity and quality of light.