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Bathing Enclosure Systems

The wall or panel infrastructure surrounding showers or baths. Bathing enclosure systems include bathtubs, doors, panels, pans, and other surfaces, engineered to keep water within the space. Frameless systems offer a seamless look. Most shower/bath doors and panels are made of glass, but solid surfaces or half walls are an option too. Pans are typically made of acrylic, fiberglass, and composite. Tile is also a popular option for the interior surfaces of a bath enclosure.

Ranging from freestanding objects to sunken or enclosed basins, bathtubs come in a vast range of styles and sizes. Material choices include typical porcelain or poly-composites, copper, cast iron, brass, stone, wood, acrylic, and Cristalplant.

Crystal clear glass, frosted and patterned options provide a variety of aesthetic options, in various widths, thicknesses and configurations.

Choose from shower bases (or pans) paired with your own tile/wall surface or fully constructed shower stalls.