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Auxiliary Furniture

Generally defined as pieces that serve in a helping or supplementary role, Auxiliary Furniture includes everything that aids the central purpose of a space. For a workspace, this can mean movable items like utility carts and lecterns as well as fixed pieces such as planters and recycling stations.

Utility carts, printer stands, flat-panel TV stands, and other freestanding products that hold and/or transport equipment or other items. Usually mobile with lockable casters.

Lecterns are raised stands and tabletop products that hold a presenter’s notes on a slanted surface. Podiums are elevated platforms on which people stand when speaking or presenting.

Bring nature into your space with an array of planters that suit eclectic tastes. Materials include cast stone, brass, fiberglass, terracotta, aluminum, bronze, plastic, wood, concrete, resin, glazed pottery, and stainless steel. The aesthetic ranges from organic curves to geometric rectangles, streamlined, and modern shapes. They may also be custom branded and incorporated into indoor or outdoor seating.

Desks or work surfaces, usually set within low-height walls or panels, that serve as welcoming sites in reception areas or lobbies.

Bins, carts, or other containers placed in areas where people can deposit materials to be recycled.