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There are infinite elements that make up any given space. Accessories, including area rugs, decorative screens, drapery hardware, artwork, and mirrors are the finishing touches – and sometimes the defining elements in residential and commercial spaces alike.

Encompasses multiple strategies that improve the sound quality of indoor environments—especially large spaces like educational venues and open-plan offices. From decorative panels to inset (hidden) panels, wall tiles, peel-and-stick tiles, mobile partitions, desk screens, and suspended or direct-fix ceiling systems, acoustical solutions beautify a space while enhancing wellbeing through noise reduction. Materials vary—from polyester to wool felt, glass fiber, cork, and more.

Includes whiteboards, dry-erase boards, tackboards, cork boards, display easels, tabletop easels, and flip-chart holders.

Sealants prevent deep-set stains by entering the pores of naturally absorbent materials (wood, stone, tile, or brick). Coatings offer surface protection against wear, damage, and degradation from UV light. Adhesives and grouts are used for tile and stone. Soft subflooring provides sound damping and comfort underfoot for carpet installations.

Try making an office building, house, school, or hotel without hardware – it's the glue that holds it all together and adds style, cultural context, and personality. Hinges, handles, chains, locks, and latches are now available in a multitude of metals, plastics, wood, synthetics, and recycled materials.

Includes other products that support individual or group needs, such as reading stands, desk organizers, coat racks/hooks, signage.

Accessory products that aid installation of a variety of surfacing materials including glass, metal, laminate, resin, and cork. Encompasses various mortars, grouts, and sealants as well as specialized adhesives for unconventional materials like metal and glass.

Freestanding, movable screens that define space and provide visual privacy; not part of a systems offering.

Screens are made of specialized fabric designed to provide high-quality image reproduction. Specialized coatings and different colors may be used to provide optimum viewing for varying degrees of ambient light. Video Walls offer comprehensive multimedia presentations of images and sounds. Both screens and walls may be incorporated into the venue’s infrastructure with a variety of finishes and veneers.

Anything and everything to help your tech function smoothly and seamlessly. Computer accessories include stands, screen filters, keyboard trays, and mouse pads. Monitor arms allow pinpoint positioning of screens for good ergonomics. Power and data accessories incorporate charging infrastructure and manage cabling for convenience and a clean look.

Moulding, window/door casement, and baseboards are decorative items that provide visual variation for walls. Doorstops and bumper rails protect walls in high-use venues like airports, schools, and hospitals. Fire-rated sealants are used for exterior venting of heat-generating appliances.