There are infinite elements that make up any given space. Accessories, including area rugs, decorative screens, drapery hardware, artwork and mirrors are the finishes touches, and sometimes defining elements in residential and commercial spaces alike.

Includes whiteboards, dry-erase boards, tackboards, cork boards, display easels, tabletop easels, and flip-chart holders.

Try making an office building, house, school or hotel without hardware - it's the glue that holds it all together and adds style, cultural context and personality. Hinges, handles, chains, locks and latches are now available in a multitude of metals, plastics, wood, synthetics and recycled materials.

Includes other products that support individual or group needs, such as reading stands, desk organizers, coat racks/hooks, signage.

Freestanding, movable screens that define space and provide visual privacy; not part of a systems offering.