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Zenbooth is a Berkeley manufacturer of quiet spaces like office phone booths & meeting pods that empower teams to do their best work in the open office.Zenbooth creates happier employees by allowing them to achieve a higher level of well-being & productivity.

  • (510) 646-8368
  • 650 University Avenue, Unit 10
  • Berkeley, CA 94710


Zenbooth’s mission is to provide quiet spaces to every workplace. We fulfill that mission by providing companies with office phone booths, meeting pods, and meeting rooms that empower teams to do their best work in the open office. Finding a moment of privacy allows employees to achieve a higher level of well-being & productivity, while also allowing companies to make more efficient use of their office & conference room space.

We innovate with compassion for our customers in mind, and pride ourselves on flexibility, functionality, and comfort. Since 2016, we’ve gone through dozens of iterations of our current product line, and these iterations have led to features like:

• An optimized acoustic experience that keeps conversations private
• Our poweredheight-adjustable desk that allows you to easily change positions to work more comfortably
• High-powered & breezy ventilation system that keeps you cool and feeling fresh
• Integrated dimmable lighting & full skylight ceiling that light up the booth so you don’t have to strain your eyes
• A UL-listed electrical interface that allows you to stay plugged in and charge your devices while you work

Our full suite of high-quality booths feature faceted surfaces and durable wood finishes that result in a neutral aesthetic that compliments a space’s existing furniture and fits into any office setting.

Zenbooth manufactures all of its products in Berkeley, California, using a Californian supply chain. Our American manufacturing allows us to fulfill orders with incredibly fast lead times, and also to be responsive to requests for parts & service. We stand by the quality of our products with a 3-year full warranty and a 30-day free return policy.