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Founded in 1998, To Market’s core belief and driving principle is that the industries of architecture and design need to incorporate sustainable products. The company functions as a link between manufacturers of green building materials and architects, space planners, and design professionals in order to “assist with specifications and ultimately increase the product manufacturer’s market share.”

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To Market’s product portfolio is built around sustainable products and products with a high degree of recyclability. The company’s tagline, “Alternative Materials for Interior Spaces” is a succinct summary of To Market’s main objective. To Market’s line-up of recycled rubber flooring, commercial carpeting, and bamboo, cork, and solid surface flooring demonstrates that environmentally-conscious products can also be aesthetically appealing and affordable. Each To Market product displays this synthesis of ecological awareness, functionality, and style.

  • Atmosphere— Constructed of a commercial grade rubber specially formulated for floors (EPDM) and recycled tire rubber (SBR), Atmosphere rubber floors offer excellent environmental credentials and multiple color and pattern options. The Runway line features vibrant, bold designs in multiple colorways, including the lively Spectrum Red and the naturalistic Kingman Green. The Earthshapes collection is sedate and calming, offering a neutral palette of mottled designs that evoke classic terrazzo.
  • Formis— “Fully Integrated Solid Surface Flooring,” Formis was inspired by artist Lee Mullican, whose work integrated natural and cosmic forms with Native American tradition and spirituality. The different styles include Rain, which resembles an aerial view of the concentric patterns formed by rain falling on earth; and Paradox, evoking the epochal, linear striations of tree bark. Formis floors are environmentally conscious: they contain a base core containing 35% recycled materials; an aluminum oxide porcelain infused finish; and a durable wear layer that requires neither wax nor sealed finishing of any kind.
  • Teknoflor— Teknoflor is commercial sheet vinyl flooring that skillfully replicates the look of natural wood. This innovative flooring system is comprised of multiple interlayed sheets: polyester mesh, pvc, fiberglass, a design layer, and a clear vinyl wear layer. The multiple layers give Teknoflor extraordinary durability and long-life. And the aesthetic options are many and varied. Teknoflor uses a proprietary system similar to technologies employed by lithographers to reproduce fine art: “the most advanced digital imaging process available... offset printing at an extremely high resolution achieves sharper definition and a more realistic image.” Teknoflor is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial—a no wax, no buff flooring system in hundreds of styles replicating the look of wood, granite, agate, and terrazzo.

To Market’s Step Green program is a design solution protocol that aids A&D professionals to integrate green products into any design. The program organizes To Market’s entire product portfolio by color, enabling specifiers to introduce these innovative products into individual color families. This “holistic approach to product selection and merchandising,” helps bring manufacturers and design professionals together with a “color-coordinated presentation of styles that are qualified to work within the U.S. Green Building Council and Leed Rating System.”



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