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Teknion Manufactures and Markets a wide range of systems furniture for office. The company’s product line encompasses not only panel-based systems, but also mobile furniture, architectural wall systems, seating, storage, filing, and freestanding casegoods and accessories. Based out of Toronto, Ontario with a U.S. presence in Mount Laurel, NJ, a European office in London, and manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Russia, India, and Malaysia, Teknion is globally positioned to service clients anywhere in the world: “Worldwide manufacturing facilities and a solid dealership network offer clients the benefits of a single point of contact, responsive local service, and a unified product portfolio.”

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Teknion is known for having their finger on the pulse of workplace evolution. The company’s debut line, the Teknion Office System or T/O/S, established a culture of innovation and integration that has persisted into this second decade of the new millennium. Teknion designs all of its products to function both independently and inter-dependently. With systems that combine in multiple configurations and easily adapt to varied work environments, “Teknion creates furniture that connects people, technology, and spaces... integrated design with unlimited possibilities for the future of business.”

  • Total Office System — The Total Office System or T/O/S is Teknion’s original modular panel-based system. Designed for maximum adaptability to evolving work methods, T/O/S offers stacking panels in a variety of materials, including glass. This not only deeds great versatility—as panels may be stacked or un-stacked to modulate degrees of enclosure—but also offers tremendous stylistic options, especially with regard to increasing or decreasing availability of ambient light. Recent additions to the T/O/S line include biodegradable/renewable panel fabrics and polymer resins: “T/O/S remains as versatile and valuable as ever—offering functional and aesthetic compatibility with past and future T/O/S products.”
  • AL3 — The AL3 Executive Swivel Chair is Teknion’s latest contribution to office ergonomics. AL3 offers an impressive synthesis of contemporary styling and innovative functionality. The basic palette of AL3 is clean, cool, and modern: with a polished aluminum frame, translucent mesh back, and black leather upholstery, AL3 is elegant and chic—sophisticated yet exceedingly professional. The chair’s principal ergonomic asset is Teknion’s three pivot point vertical mechanism, a hidden central column that facilitates features like adjustable seat height, tilt tension, tilt lock, and synchro-tilt, which intuitively senses user positioning, thus “adapting synchronously to every body movement, providing optimum support during seating.”
  • Workstation Enhancers — Teknion’s Workstation Enhancers represent an innovative, affordable solution to the problem of the shrinking workspace. When significant reconfiguration is not an option, Workstation Enhancers will improve the comfort and functionality of an existing space. The Behind You Screen is a thin mesh partition on rolling casters that’s easy to maneuver, “creating visual and territorial privacy in open-plan environments.” The Podium and Stand-Up Meeting Surface Options increase the heights of selected worksurfaces, thus providing an impromptu stand-up desk station while also maximizing the privacy of the sitting position.

Teknion’s multiple design awards demonstrate that the company is consistently at the leading edge of workplace design and innovation. Teknion has been the recipient of the Office Industry Dealer’s Alliance Silver and Bronze awards in 2008 and 2009, respectively; the Gold recognition in the Ontario Waste Minimization Award in 2008; and the Evergreen Award for environmental stewardship from the U.S. Government’s General Service Administration in 2009. These industry accolades attest to Teknion’s firm commitment to innovation in all areas, including those of enhancing sustainable and environmentally sensitive manufacturing practices: “sustainable development is part of our culture, embracing both corporate programs and the individual efforts of people on the production line. It is not a project. It is what we do.”










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