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Rockfon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rockwool International and has been a leading manufacturer of stone wool ceiling tiles since 1962. Only Rockfon ceilings are made of stone wool, a raw material that delivers a number of unique performance characteristics. Serving the office, health care and education markets, Rockfon’s products include lay-in grid ceilings, tegular grid ceilings, concealed grid ceilings, baffles and islands.

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Rockfon has been a leading manufacturer of ceiling tiles in Europe for more than 50 years. Now, Rockfon ceiling tiles are prepared to stand above the rest in North America because of performance advantages made possible by a raw material found only in Rockfon products: stone wool. Stone wool is produced from volcanic rock, or basalt, which features unique properties that give stone wool a number of superior performance characteristics and attributes.

The performance advantages attributed to stone wool that are a part of all Rockfon ceiling tiles include:

  • Sound absorption— The non-directional fiber orientation of stone wool and open surfaces make Rockfon ceilings highly sound absorbent.
  • Fire resistance— Stone wool is non-combustible, resists temperatures up to 2150 degrees Fahrenheit, and acts as a fire barrier giving occupants of buildings with Rockfon ceilings extra minutes to escape a fire.
  • Water resistance— Because stone wool doesn’t absorb water or hold moisture, Rockfon ceilings don’t sag, lose their shape, rot, corrode or promote fungi or bacterial growth.
  • Dimensional stability— Stone wool retains its characteristics, unaltered, over time, meaning that the performance characteristics of Rockfon ceilings won’t change because of changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Aesthetics— Stone wool delivers exceptional surface smoothness in Rockfon ceilings, enabling concealed, semi-concealed and visible edges and a number of design options such as color, shapes and sizes to help designers bring their vision to life.
  • Sustainability— Rockfon tiles are comprised of up to 42% recycled materials.
  • Cleanability— because of their smooth surface, Rockfon ceilings can be dry cleaned, wet cleaned, cleaned with disinfectants and even steam cleaned.

The best part? All Rockfon ceiling products feature all of these performance advantages at a competitive price.





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