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Poltrona Frau Furniture
+39 0733 9091 | S.S. 77 Km. 74,500 62029 TOLENTINO MC Italy

Since 1912, Poltrona Frau has been at the forefront of modern design. With origins in exquisite handcrafting of furnished goods, the company is synonymous with the high quality, attention to detail, and cutting-edge aesthetic that characterizes contemporary Italian design.


Founded in Turin by Sardinian-born Renzo Frau, Poltrona Frau has maintained a unique Italian identity while yet becoming a prominent “citizen” of the design world. One of the founder’s prime objectives was always to create a pronounced international presence for made in Italy furnishings. Frau is thus largely responsible for the excellent reputation of Italian goods in the A&D marketplace. Today, Poltrona Frau operates more than 50 monobrand stores and nine flagship stores, including locations in New York, Rome, Paris, and Milan.

  • Iconic Product: Armchair 1919 — The great tradition of finely-crafted, luxurious Poltrona Frau seating begins with Poltrona Frau 128, known today as Armchair 1919. First appearing in Renzo Frau’s 1919 catalogue, Armchair 1919 reproduces the classical features of storied Rococo armchairs within the modern context of technologically advanced materials and an enhanced upholstery palette. Constructed of seasoned Beech, 1919 displays a characteristic “Big Ears” setback, large rounded arms with plissé finish, and an elegant attached brass tray. The interior of rubberized horsehair infill and biconic steel springs resting on jute belts assures durability and long-life. Available in Poltrona Frau’s patented Pelle Frau leather from the Color System or in Heritage or Soul leather, 1919 inspired a generation of elegant Poltrona Frau Armchairs including later models Fumoir, Vanity Fair, and Lyra.
  • Iconic Designer: Jean-Marie Massaud — Though most of his designs for Poltrona Frau have debuted during the contemporary age, the work of designer and architect Jean-Marie Massaud perfectly captures the company’s reputation for innovative designs that display a timeless aesthetic. Author of 16 separate products for Poltrona Frau, Marie-Massaud’s contributions to the line are many and varied and include the transformable Isidoro Cocktail Bar and Cabinet, the finely-crafted Kennedee Small Table in Santos Rosewood Veneer, and the impressively sculptural Don’Do Rocker. The latter is an excellent showcase for Poltrona Frau’s fine leather upholstery, offered in more than 100 distinct colors.
  • Poltrona Frau Contract and Car — Poltrona Frau’s excellent reputation for stylish, high quality furniture has given the company center stage among contract venues. Consistently producing contract furnishings that display superlative comfort, excellent longevity, and impressive adaptability, Poltrona Frau has placed its contract furnishings in multiple high-profile venues, including the Palau Reina Sofia in Valencia, the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Additionally, Poltrona Frau’s history of fine leatherwork has lead to auspicious collaborations with the world’s most renowned luxury car makers—Ferrari, Maserati, and Rolls Royce each feature models outfitted with exquisite Poltrona Frau leather upholstery.
  • Contemporary Line — Poltrona Frau’s contemporary line features product by some of the most accomplished designers working today. Pieces like the Regina II Armchair by Paolo Rizzatto; the Cassiopea Modular Sofa by Lievore – Altherr – Molina; and the Bebop Sofa by Cini Boeri demonstrate Poltrona Frau’s continued mastery of the form. Poltrona Frau recognizes that—as styles evolve and tastes change—clients become ever more discerning. The company’s contemporary offerings address these demands as they evince a skillful synthesis between a classical and modern look that retains broad appeal.

Poltrona Frau has always maintained a significant presence in international architecture and design, and several of the company’s contemporary projects demonstrate that they will continue to do so. Recent collaborations with renowned architects like Jean-Marie Massaud and Gehry and Partners illustrate Poltrona Frau’s prominence as an outfitter of international interiors. As the umbrella group of companies like Cassina, Cappellini, and Nemo, Poltrona Frau is always on the leading edge of contemporary design.

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