Pinta acoustic sq160

pinta acoustic, inc.

pinta acoustic, inc. is a manufacturer of designed acoustical products. From walls to ceilings, we combine aesthetics and acoustics for your environments.


pinta acoustic, inc., manufacturer of products ranging from ceiling tiles, wall and ceiling panels in melamine foam. We also offer seamless acoustical plaster solutions (Sonex afs), metal ceiling (Squareline) and sintered glass solutions (Phonstop). We are known worldwide for our Sonex brand composed of various shape convoluted panels (Sonex Valueline, Classic and Sonex One). We also like to be creative in design solutions developed with architects and designers. All of our products and solutions offers great acoustical value.

All of our products are CLASS A fire and smoke tested. California standard prop 65 for VOC content and we do offer a wide possibility in Lead points certifications.