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Montisa Work is a Michigan-based furniture company founded in 1906 in Plainwell, Michigan. The company produces office furniture, educational products and accessories to enhance workspace productivity.


It’s time to discover a world of difference. With Montisa you’ll find a solid, trusted company that keeps pace with change, providing products that streamline the “needs of your environment”. By listening and learning from each customer’s needs, we are able to provide practical options that make your space more enjoyable and functional. Our company is a subsidiary of the Atonne Group. Montisa Work is based in Plainwell, Michigan.

  • • Desk. A simple worktable with all you need to get started: a spacious laminate work surface, easy-to-use cable management and a place for a power. As the building block for the entire Montisa Work furniture line, the Basic Desk grows with your business, whether you’re beginning with a single table and adding new ones as your needs expand or buying several to configure them for your teams.
  • • Work Tools. Most mobile workers like to set up and take down their gear quickly, wherever they work. Often, this means staging your bag for quick access to your laptop and materials you may use “need” or “require” instead? Throughout the day. Work tools are the ideal solution for the minimalist to transform their desk into an efficient, ergonomically friendly work space set up for touchdown and long-term productivity alike. Place your bag in the sling, set up your laptop (on the riser) and your phone (on a mobile device holder) and you are ready to go!
  • • Stools. When Montisa opened in 1906 as the Angle Steel Company, our very first product was a three-legged, metal milking stool. Strong, durable and light, it was an innovation and a success. Today, Angle Steel Stools are based on the original designs —a nod to our heritage—but offered in a wide variety of heights and color choices for modern applications.
  • • Storage. Montisa offers a wide range of storage solutions to fit any application. From our Foundation Storage line of lockers and cabinet bases designed for educational settings to our robust and versatile filing solutions, we can outfit your environment with custom storage to suit your needs. The Foundation Storage line offers easy to configure bases and tops to tailor a durable solution for offices, shops, and labs. The Montisa Filing Solutions are ready to meet your filing and office needs with products ranging from fully customizable modular files to pedestal files.
  • • Utility. Ideal for shops and manufacturing spaces, Montisa offers a variety of cabinet and benching options for utility applications. All of our benching lines include three available top styles (maple, steel, and steel capped) and an abundance of base options such as cabinets with drawers, fixed legs and height adjustable legs on casters. Montisa utility benches are a fully customizable crossover product that proves that great design works in any location.

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