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Momentum Textiles is one of the country’s most-respected suppliers of fine textiles for the contract furniture industry. With an objective of inspiring their customers to create functional and eye-catching designs for their clients, Momentum is “individually and collectively committed to superior service and operational excellence.”


Momentum’s textile offering is vast and diverse. With products ranging across the aesthetic spectrum, Momentum Textiles offers everything from the somber sophistication of a faux suede (Crypton Suede) to the vivacious whimsy of a retro surf theme (Huntington). The company has been the recipient of multiple good design awards, including the IIDEX Innovation Gold, the Best of NeoCon Gold, and the Interior Design Best of Year.

  • Naked Nylon— The “first significant new recycled fabric in over 15 years,” Naked Nylon is made of 100% Repreve recycled yarn. Solution dyed and bleach cleanable, the completely sustainable product exhibits high abrasion resistance as well as excellent color retention. With a vast color range and an imaginative stylistic palette, the Naked Nylon line offers an excellent synthesis of durability, environmental sensitivity, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Silica Tech— The 51% silica/ 49% polyester blend constituting Silica Tech renders it absent of PVCs as well as solvents. As the first environmentally-friendly alternative to vinyl and polyurethane, Silica offers inherent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Further, the best of NeoCon Gold Award Winner is ink-erasable. Silica’s inherent resistive properties make it an excellent choice for high-use environments where hygiene is of paramount concern, such as healthcare facilities and schools.
  • Hula and Oath— Offered in Momentum’s signature Crypton Green fabric, Hula and Oath are complementary patterns that offer maximum visual and textural impact. Layered with colorful, swirling, hand-drawn concentric circles, Hula is equal parts playful joie de vivre and studied geometry. With its rich palette of solid colors and iconic texture of soft chenille, Oath offers an intriguing contrast to the dynamic Hula.
  • In Motion Collection— Encompassing four distinct patterns and 23 different colors, Momentum Textiles’ In Motion Collection is an exciting assortment of geometrical designs inspired by contemporary dance. In conceiving of the collection, designer Emily Garcia was compelled to capture the contrasting qualities of movement and stasis: “the combination of intense precision and fluid spontaneity.” Garcia’s bold stylistic imperative is manifest in the dynamic concentric rings of Torque, the bold linearity of Elevate, and the subtle and smooth articulations of Intermezzo.

Momentum Textiles’ commitment to innovative designs and quality craftsmanship is matched by the company’s pronounced ethical commitment, which is manifest throughout the company culture: through continuous improvement of products and service; through exemplifying fairness, honesty, and respect in both employee and client relations; and through a comprehensive environmental policy that stipulates Reduced Environmental Impact classification of all products by 2017.



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