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Maya Romanoff Wallcovering

Helmed by the icon, visionary, artist, and designer who is the company namesake, Maya Romanoff is one of the world’s top manufacturers of wall and surface coverings. The company is known as a leading provider of innovative textiles, which is exactly what founder Romanoff had in mind—“to transform modern design by combining ancient artistic techniques with the latest production technology, all with a keen regard for nature and environmental concerns.”


Maya Romanoff imagines, designs, and creates avant garde textiles—beautiful and versatile wallcoverings that establish the character of a space. Given the wide variety of the innovative materials employed—not limited to hemp, wood, grass, bamboo, and glass—this can be any character the client desires, from domestic to decadent, fanciful to phantasmagoric.

  • Raw Silk Hand-Painted Vinyl: Romanoff revolutionized the look of interior walls with this crafty blend of artistic panache and materials innovation. Handcrafted on a vinyl substrate, the product replicates the look and feel of luxurious Dupioni Silk. By introducing a metallic sheen to customized colors, Romanoff has given the product the texture and reflectivity of a true textile—“an elegant choice in non-woven backed 20 oz. vinyl.”
  • True Paper: True Paper is a latex-coated embossed paper product that’s exceptionally versatile and surprisingly affordable. With a specially formulated topcoat, True Paper demonstrates enhanced durability and easy clean-ability. Maya Romanoff offers the product in various colors and styles, each inspired by the distinctive look and texture of handmade crocodile leathers. Colors include the lovely and luscious Ruby Roo, the elegant Ebony, and the earthy Ooutback.
  • Bedazzled: Perhaps the signature creation in the Maya Romanoff pantheon, Bedazzled is an iridescent, illuminating, and endlessly intriguing surfacing material made of genuine glass beads. Because of the singularly captivating nature of the material, Maya Romanoff recommends Bedazzled for central architectural elements and showpieces such as columns, ceilings, boxes, picture frames, furniture insets, and display cases. Of course, it’s rather lovely on walls as well. Multiple colors are available—from the glamorous, golden Golda to the beauteous, transparent Bianca to the scintillating Sylvie. Maya Romanoff offers Bedazzled in customized designs as well.
  • Long recognized as a pioneer in the field of textiles, Maya Romanoff has made a career of blending artistic elements with pragmatic design. His creations have an unabashed boldness about them—frequently stunning, consistently surprising, and always lovely to look at, a Romanoff textile is a signature item. During the company’s 40+ years of existence, Romanoff has received multiple accolades, including the Trailblazer Award from the International Furnishings and Design Association, the Top 100 Design Award from Metropolitan Home, and the Editor's Award from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Maya Romanoff has also exhibited his creations at New York’s Museum of Contemporary Art. His Bedazzled Collection has earned a permanent place in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Maya Romanoff

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