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Italian brand Luceplan creates innovative and technologically advanced lighting fixtures, including pendants, wall, table, and floor lamps, as well as outdoor and architectural lighting. Known for experimentation, research, and quality, Luceplan plans to continue this trend in the future, seeking to investigate “how new answers to the demand for lighting will alter the ‘home species’ and the ‘city species’: the way of ‘being with light’.”

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Luceplan was founded by 1978 by three architects—Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto, and Sandra Severi—who sought to “consolidate the experience developed during their long-standing collaboration with Gino Sarfatti, founder of Arteluce.” Their philosophy is driven by a passion for design: “We believe in 1) Attention to detail, 2) Designing the life cycle, 3) Respecting the environment, and 4) In R&D. In 2006, the company formed Elementi di Luceplan, a new line of technical, architectural, and contract lighting fixtures. With international branches in Copenhagen, New York, Paris and Berlin and three flagship stores in Milan, New York, and Paris, the Luceplan brand has global reach.

  • Hope— Showed at the beginning of 2012 as part of the Innovation Festival (IF), Hope was branded a notable example of European innovation. The design of Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto, Hope is a floor, ceiling/wall, and suspension lamp constructed of thin polycarbonate Fresnel lenses that have been created using imprinted microprisms on polycarbonate film. The effect is that the modern material resembles glass, multiplying light into thousands of glittery shards—like the Hope diamond after which it was named. And thanks to its manufacturing process, Hope uses any light source, including the latest generation of halogens and energy-saving fluorescents.
  • Otto Watt— Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto envisioned an LED task lamp that could provide “ideal lighting conditions for all circumstances, for relaxation or precision work.” Thanks to a dimmable LED source that adjusts the color temperature from warm to cold light by rotating the diffuser, Otto Watt offers a tuneable white, illustrating Luceplan’s expertise in task lamps. A head that swivels 360 degrees and a glare-free filter make Otto Watt the perfect desk companion. In April 2012, Otto Watt received the Design Plus Award at the biennial Light+Building fair in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Titania— Titania is a series of three designs created by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto: Titania suspension, Titania floor, and Queen Titania suspension. With an elliptical structure composed of blades, Titania is an extremely light aluminum lamp: it can be moved with a touch of the fingers, and its lightness makes it a lamp that can be hung anywhere. Five pairs of polycarbonate interchangeable filters produce the colors of Titania’s body—just change the filters in the lamp’s slots. Titania always emits a white light, although the diffusers give the lamp an additional “dematerialised” color. Titania is a true chameleon: “Depending on which angle it is seen from, it assumes completely different appearances: transparent if seen from the front, and as a solid body if seen from the side.” A spherical counterweight can be inserted or removed at any time, allowing for height adjustments. Intended for lighting large areas, Queen Titania is twice as large as the iconic original.

Ecosustainability has been a part of Luceplan since its inception. Its vision is clear: “Design also focuses on easy, differentiated waste recovery and on weathering seasonal trends. It rationalises the assembly process to compress packaging volume, and makes use of the ultimate, highly efficient light sources.” Luceplan introduced ecological materials and technologies such as LEDs and small photovoltaic cells long before these became widely used. The company’s commitment to building objects that last “also offers better environmental compatibility.”





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