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Kohler is a leader in bath and kitchen products, including baths and whirlpools, faucets and showerheads, and vanities and sinks. The company has a reputation for bold design, innovative style, and cutting-edge technology.


Kohler began in 1873 when John Michael Kohler saw a cast iron horse trough and envisioned a bathtub. Since that time, Kohler has followed in its founder's footsteps, creating visionary designs. Now a fourth-generation family-owned company, Kohler is committed to leading-edge technology and quality across all price points. The company's aesthetic of creating bold looks also translates to their advertising: Kohler has a rich history of producing artistic and memorable print and television advertisements such as their "As I see It" series.

  • Artist Editions— Using a small group of artisans working in an intimate studio, Kohler creates its Artist Editions line of fixtures for the bathroom, including sinks and toilets, even faucet handles. These exceedingly durable products feature intricate patterns "inspired by a wealth of different cultures, countries and artistic traditions." As many as 15 different layers of colors go into the Artist Editions in order to reproduce the artist's original vision. The art is diverse: from the flowers and plants of natural history paintings to the curves and ornaments of Persian textiles; the collection also includes scenic sinks with nautical and nature settings.
  • Karbon— The articulated line of kitchen faucets from Kohler features five elbows that give it an expansive range of motion, delivering water wherever you need it. Karbon offers excellent clearance, so you can move the faucet out of the way of large pots; angled delivery, so you can get underneath things; expansive reach, so you can fill items outside the confines of the sink; and enhanced compaction, so you can fold the faucet away when it's not needed. Like a fine piece of sculpture, Karbon is pleasing to the eye. In polished gold, bronze, black, silver, and chrome with joints in polished or brushed chrome, stainless, black, or gold, Kohler's Karbon lets you mix and match finishes to address any interior style.
  • Numi— Kohler's most advanced toilet, Numi "combines unmatched design, technology and engineering to bring you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing." Compact and streamlined, Numi has a modern design that complements the toilet's exceptional features: motion-activated lid and seat, advanced integrated bidet and air dryer, deodorizer, heated seat, feet warming, illuminated panels, and music. With a touch screen remote and docking station, Numi is also easy to control, and its advanced flushing system saves water.
  • VibrAcoustic®— Featured on all nine models of Underscore baths, VibrAcoustic® is a technology-based sound therapy defined as "hearing and feeling sound vibrations through the body." Offering four original musical scores developed in collaboration with a renowned sound therapist, VibrAcoustic® is engineered to relieve stress and erase tension. Additionally, the quality of the VibrAcoustic® sound system is excellent: it can be used as a stand-alone audio system for the entire bathroom. Bathers can stream music and podcasts from a mobile device via a hardwire connection or wireless receiver. VibrAcoustic® was developed to work with the Underscore acrylic baths, which come in nine sizes ranging from 60-by-30 inches to 72-by-42 inches and including a 48-by-48-inch cube-shaped model. Available in five colors, Underscore baths feature a simple, crisp design with a slotted overflow for deeper-than-normal soaking.

One glance at Kohler's color timeline will let you experience the long and illustrious artistic history of the company. From the Lavender of the 1920s to the Cerulean of the 1930s, and the Tiger Lily of the 1960s to the Avocado of the 1970s, the wide range of hues attests to Kohler's avant-garde stylings. The company knows how to be bold.

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