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Widely regarded as among the most prominent and reliable textile manufacturers in the world, Knoll Textiles boasts more than 65 years at the center of the industry. The firm was founded in 1947 by iconic designer Florence Knoll with the objective of designing and manufacturing beautiful, high quality fabrics for commercial interiors. Knoll fabrics is presently one of the largest textile suppliers in North America. The company’s product reach extends to healthcare, hospitality, educational, corporate, and residential interiors.

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Based firmly in the Modernist tradition of synthesizing form with function, Knoll Textiles has an excellent pedigree of creating innovative and versatile textiles with a contemporary aesthetic. The company’s product line includes drapery, wallcovering, upholstery, and panel fabrics, as well as specialized textiles for the healthcare industry. Knoll Textiles strives for a coherent inter-relationship among their different products, making it easy for specifiers to create pleasing interior schemes: “Our products are designed to not only integrate with one another, but blend harmoniously into your environment, ensuring that they withstand the test of time and taste.”

  • Venture Collection — Knoll Textiles’ recent Venture Collection is comprised of seven different textile patterns—each available in multiple colorways. Alibi is a basic solid blend that tends toward the conservative yet offers vibrant, exciting colors like Sweet Potato and Tamale. Constructed of a boucle wool yarn woven on top of a cotton ground, the Intrigue line features a naturalistic look and smooth, organic texture. A “modern tapestry that marries high durability with a playful pattern and colorful palette,” Serendipity is comprised of bright polka dots against a solid background. The range of uses for the Venture Collection extends from upholstery to wall coverings to wrapped wall panels.
  • Archival Collection — Released in honor of Knoll Textiles’ 65th anniversary exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center in NYC, the Archival Collection represents a contemporary updating of famous fabrics from the company’s past. Evoking the glamorous Hollywood scene of the late 40’s, the Cameo Collection is an updating of 1947’s Prestini fabric—“it has a saturated color palette and a soft, chenille hand.” 1961’s Cato is an iconic upholstery textile. Made primarily of wool, the fabric has a prominent and exaggerated texture that evokes the tradition of hand-woven fabrics. Based on Knoll Textiles’ original pattern from 1977, Cocoon, Sonnet is a rich and lush collection of textiles featuring an intriguing interlaced texture.
  • Imago — Imago is an innovative variety of “frozen fabric” that combines woven textiles and a high performance PETG resin. The technique joins the timeless texture of fabric to the strength and flexibility of resin. Imago is an incredibly versatile product that is impervious to chemicals, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. The product is also easy to work with: it can be laser cut, sawed, drilled, perforated, and bolted. Its applications are limited only by the imagination: “From lighting, backsplashes, and cabinet doors to ceiling panels, furniture, and moveable walls—the possibilities are endless.”

Knoll Textiles continues to be at the forefront of textile design and innovation. The company has shown its firm commitment to achieving contemporary excellence through the recent hiring of iconic designer Dorothy Cosonas as Creative Director. Since 2005, Cosonas has been at the helm, parlaying her passion for fine art and fashion into her fabric design. Known for “combining clean, clear colors with modern, elegant patterns and textures,” Cosonas has made a major impact on the aesthetic direction of the company. She has also been instrumental in actualizing Knoll Textiles’ comprehensive environmental policy, which aspires towards carbon neutrality through support of green building, participation in the Clinton Global Initiative, and creation/usage of multiple LEED-certified facilities and showrooms.









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