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Since its founding in 1983, Humanscale has pioneered workplace ergonomics. Humanscale’s designs contribute to an active workspace, in which users are encouraged to move freely and regularly change postures. From monitor arms and task lighting to seating and sit/stand offerings, Humanscale’s products feature complete simplicity of form and function. Through the use of Humanscale’s solutions, users experience increased comfort, enhanced productivity and improved health and wellness.


Anything and everything that falls into the Humanscale's product range has something to do with work efficiency. From keyboard systems and air purifiers to height-adjustable tables, this progressive company covers a wide spectrum of options for the work environment. Humanscale's mission in developing high-performance ergonomic office tools is to make the workspace healthier, more comfortable, and more productive.

  • Ergonomic Seating — Whether it’s a swiveling office chair, a conference room side chair, or the many modern stools and dollies offered, evidently the seating scene at Humanscale stems from years of trusted research.
  • Keyboard Systems — Create the ultimate in ergonomic workstations with Keyboard System designs by Humanscale to further the comfort level for computer typing. Besides an immediate appreciation for the contoured look, the systems also bring out efficiency and a healthy posture while seated.
  • Height-Adjustable Tables — Meeting the needs of health-conscious users, a height-adjustable table like Humanscale's Float helps people understand the type of strain put on their bodies each day – especially once it’s gone for good. Studies have shown that alternating between sitting and standing provides long-term health benefits.
  • LED Task Lighting — Task lighting is an integral part of any workspace, since overhead is insufficient for office tasks. Humanscale is at the forefront of LED technology, developing task lighting that ranges from performance-based lamps to those that provide softer, more ambient light.

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Robert King, Founder and CEO