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Herman Miller
616.654.3000 | 855 East Main Ave. PO Box 302 Zeeland, Michigan 49464-0302

Founded in Zeeland, Michigan in 1905 under the name “Star Furniture Company,” manufacturer Herman Miller is synonymous with the rise of Modern design in America and throughout the world. Under the aegis of design director George Nelson, the company has collaborated with such renowned designers as Isamu Noguchi, Robert Propst, and Charles and Ray Eames.


Since the company’s entry into the office furniture market in 1941, Herman Miller has been front and center in determining the landscape of the modern office. The manufacturer’s contributions to contract furnishings and the larger office culture include the Action Office, the Equa and Aeron Chairs, and the Newhouse Group of freestanding furniture.

Today, Herman Miller continues to focus on solution-driven design for the contemporary workplace as well as other contract environments.

  • Canvas Office Landscape — The Canvas Office Landscape represents a new approach to systems furniture. Designed to “mirror an organization's culture and raise the level of its performance,” the Canvas Office System offers seating, worktops, storage, and structural support. Herman Miller offers these distinct elements in a broad range of different materials, dimensions, and color schemes, allowing users to create customized arrangements in harmony with existing elements.
  • Everywhere Tables — The Everywhere Tables line is aptly named. This kit of versatile, adaptable, and portable tables is designed to fulfill any function and support any need. The lean silhouette, clean lines, and minimalistic design “complement any space, bringing unity and visual calm.” The Everywhere Tables operate on modular principles: different top shapes and different materials—from round to rectangular, laminates to —wood & veneer—can be combined in multiple combinations and varied incarnations. Base options include glides, rolling casters, and sled-style feet.
  • Modern Classics — This line of contemporary re-issues of Modern classics is familiar to anyone intrigued by the history of Architecture and Design. Singularly innovative pieces such as the Eames Executive and Molded Plastic Chairs; the Nelson Swag Leg and Coconut Chairs; and the Noguchi Table remind us that past achievements remain very relevant today. These timeless designs retain their broad appeal and their pronounced aura of functionality, as they continue to attract new generations to the great traditions of Modern design.
  • Procedure/Supply Carts — This line of versatile storage systems demonstrates how Herman Miller’s tradition of innovation is beginning to influence the healthcare industry. A modular system of universal sizes and interchangeable drawers, these healthcare supply carts easily expand and change function to accommodate the constantly evolving healthcare venue, thus improving efficiency and productivity.

As always, Herman Miller’s objective is to remain at the forefront of modern design. To that end, the manufacturer has embarked on an exhaustive sustainability initiative, incorporating company-wide protocols to minimize resource use and reduce reliance on fossil fuels:

  • Incorporate environmentally sustainable materials
  • Design for longevity: repeated use, easy maintenance, and rapid repair
  • Use a high percentage of recycled materials
  • Monitor chemical content of products and use the safest materials possible
  • Minimize waste production

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Revenue (2010)

$1.3 billion

Supervisory Board

Mary Vermeer Andringa
David Brandon
Douglas D. French
J. Barry Griswell
John R. Hoke III
James R. Kackley
Dorothy A. Terrell
David O. Ulrich
Michael A. Volkema
Brian C. Walker

Herman Miller

855 East Main Ave. PO Box 302
Zeeland, MI 49464

Tel 616.654.3000