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Gardco Lighting is a commercial outdoor lighting manufacturer. Part of the Genlyte Group and its parent corporation, Philips, Gardco has its manufacturing facility in San Marcos, Texas. A pioneer of outdoor lighting concepts and technologies, Gardco Lighting is known for designing “the ‘shoebox’ luminaire, faceted optics, cutoff luminaires, glowtop products, and the ‘template’ method of designing outdoor lighting layouts.”


Founded in San Francisco in 1961, Gardco Lighting changed the nature of exterior lighting by inventing segmented, faceted optics. The company offers a line of “innovative, high-quality outdoor luminaires,” including LED and solar-powered units. Known for its classic shapes and leading-edge products, Gardco believes that outdoor lighting should be “more than boxes on a pole.”

  • Circa — Designed around the alluring shape of a circle, the streamlined Circa series combines “wind-cheating aesthetics” with functionality. Circa features Philips Gardco's recognized glare-free performance. Available with a post top or side pole mount, Circa comes with an optional adornment ring, which makes the lamp resemble the planet Saturn.
  • LED Luminaires — Gardco Lighting offers a wide variety of LED outdoor lighting, including arm mount, post top, and radiant luminaires, as well as canopy, wall, decorative, flood, and emergency lighting. From the super slim (3”) SlenderForm canopy light to the Metropolis decorative sconce, the Gardco LED offerings will work with any application or style.
  • Solar Lighting — Gardco Lighting’s solar-powered outdoor lights are designed for green area, landscape, and pathway lighting. Available in two of the company’s most acclaimed luminaires, LED Bollard and Radiant, Gardco’s solar lighting reduces cost and energy consumption: “With solar power, the site designer is freed from the grid—potentially reducing both initial installation cost and recurring operating cost.” The luminaires can also be equipped with SolarOne motion sensors, which reduces power output as well.
  • Gardco Motion Response Dual Level HID System — Most HID lighting (High-intensity discharge lamps), which is used when high levels of light are needed to cover large expanses such as parking lots, require time to warm up and to cool down. Consequently, “it is impractical to frequently turn HID sources on and off. As a result, areas are illuminated to full light levels, even when the area is unoccupied or inactive.” To combat this, Gardco Lighting created a Motion Response Dual Level HID System, which switches to low mode when no motion is detected—cutting energy consumption by up to 50%. With a motion sensor that provides 270 degree coverage, Gardco’s Motion Response Dual Level HID System guarantees significant savings over time.

Gardco Lighting designs and manufactures outdoor lighting that combines “performance, style, and architectural compatibility.” Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, creating everything from cutoff and round form area luminaires to solar and LED lighting. Gardco products include glowtops, wall sconces, cylinders, spotlights, and emergency lighting.

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