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For more than 40 years, manufacturer Dauphin has provided North American, European, and other international markets with the most innovative and ergonomic office seating solutions. The company’s reputation for precisely engineered and highly functional contract furniture extends to more than 50 countries: “Since 1969, Dauphin has pursued a commitment to healthy posture and has invested in extensive R&D in the areas of health and design to expand our product portfolio to meet your changing needs.”

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Principal Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin founded Dauphin in 1969. Inspired by his vision of creating ergonomic, healthy infrastructure in order to accommodate the rise of the computer (and the ascendance of the seated position for the average office worker), Dauphin partnered with importer Charvoz to begin distributing ergonomic seating in the U.S. In 1993, Dauphin acquired 100 percent ownership of the North American seating operations and relocated from Bavaria, Germany to Ontario, Canada. Today, Dauphin runs manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and Ontario, distributing over 4,000 units of furniture every day.

  • Blend Tables— As the name implies, the Blend Table line unifies the best of today’s technological infrastructure with contemporary style. “Developed as a solution for changing needs,” Blend presents users with myriad options: flip-up metal housing with voice and data ports; “Mini Oasis” dual flip-top; “Intercept” retractable power access; and wire management/organizer capability. Blend also offers users varied configurations, dimensions, and profiles: square, rectangular, circular, and oval worktops, in addition to wood, laminate, or aluminum finishes with choice of three wooden edge details.
  • Bobo— No dummy when it comes to synthesizing aesthetic appeal with high functionality, the Bobo series offers chairs, settees, benches, and tables, each featuring a large central supportive cushion flanked by the lean lines of a minimalist frame. The backrest of the innovative chair is a single slim sheet of slick beechwood, available in natural or dark stain. Users may also choose partial or fully upholstered backrests. Polished aluminum feet add an intriguing detail: “Bobo has a unique personality all its own, A unique vocabulary of forms and blending of materials results in an eye catching series.”
  • Alterno— Martin Ballendat’s Alterno is a comfy café seat and single-serve workstation—an engaging setpiece with equal allure in hospitality or contract settings. Designed with an eye to the needs of the millennial itinerant office worker, Alterno is a swivel seat with a pedestal base, solid central aluminum shaft, and rigid foam upholstery. An optional arm tray accommodates laptops and/or a good old fashioned pad of paper. Highly adjustable sitting positions include forward, side, and diagonal. And an auto reset mechanism returns the seat to neutral once the user is finished. Dauphin offers Alterno in a wide range of color and upholstery options.

Dauphin’s seating program is outlined in four key principles: 1. Individual product families, characterized by commonality of design and function; 2. Dauphin System-Ergonomics; 3. Attractive price/performance ratios; and 4. Unsurpassed commitment to customer service. The formula has consistently resulted in attractive, appealing, and technically innovative seating and tables. Dauphin’s ongoing collaboration with renowned designers like Martin Ballendat, Manfred Herrmann, and Joe Ricchio keeps the company’s output stylistically fresh, while Dauphin’s tradition of rigorous production standards and excellent quality control assures durability, longevity, and high performance.



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