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Duravit is a premiere supplier of sanitary ceramic, bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories with a rich history that dates back to 1817 Germany. With nearly 200 years of experience in the bathroom design industry, Duravit has become a household name around the world.

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Duravit has made a name for itself in bathroom design by upholding a “tradition of innovation.” Duravit bathtubs and other products are constantly evolving to stay current with trends and the latest technology in design.

  • Ketho — When designing a bathroom, homeowners want them to not only be functional, but aesthetically pleasing and inviting. Duravit’s Ketho line takes this into consideration by applying clear forms, comfort and well-designed functionality. The Ketho line features signature ergonomic handles throughout and highlights Duravit’s commitment to original design. The streamlined design and reasonable cost of the Ketho line of products leaves room for flexibility, making it ideal for first-time buyers.
  • Paiova — The Paiova bathtub’s main concern is “Comfort.” Its futuristic trapezoidal shape provides enough space for two people to lie in the bathtub side-by-side. The optional neck rest only adds to this theme of comfort. Paiova also offers an optional handle on the edge of the tub and a step that matches the bathtub paneling, making it easier to get in and out.
  • Vero — Though rectangular objects are a part of our everyday existence (laptops, refrigerators, and tables, to name a few), the shape is has been emerging as a leading element in design. This is what makes the Duravit Vero line so desirable; the entire line is rectangular in form. With subtle designs and the company’s ceramic tradition, Vero has all the qualities you look for in a bathroom line.
  • PuraVida — The Duravit PuraVida line is the perfect response to consumers’ calls for an escape from the complexities our world. PuraVida applies a more feminine look to minimalist design, making it an exceptionally approachable design. The soft lines add a feel of simple, effortless movement. This line of bathroom furniture and accessories is graceful, inviting and subtle. The features make PuraVida the perfect collection for those interested in contemporary forms, and anyone with a lust for life.

Environmental sustainability is one of Duravit’s most important values. Environmental impact and compatibility are taken into consideration with each product the company manufactures. This is evident throughout every step of the manufacturing process from development to materials selection to production. A few examples of Duravit’s sustainable practices are:

  • Using Wondergliss-coated ceramics to prevent the need for cleaners that are less environmentally-friendly.
  • Recycling all woodchips created during the manufacturing process as fuel for the ceramics firing process.
  • Recycling water used during the manufacturing process.
  • Utilizing dual-flush technology in each wall-mounted Duravit toilet.



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