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Dune Furniture

American contemporary design company Dune designs and produces innovative furniture for urban environments. The Dune catalogue includes upholstered chairs and sofas, beds, storage units, chairs, group seating, occasional tables, desks, rugs, and accessories. A new line of contract furniture includes seating, tables, casegoods, and beds.

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Launched in 1998 by Richard Shemtov, Dune collaborates with architects and designers to create cutting-edge and cosmopolitan furniture. The company does not mass-produce furniture; its goal is to make long-lasting pieces that don’t compromise style or quality. Currently, Dune has almost 100 employees and has become “one of the most influential contemporary design studios and manufacturers in the world.” The Dune showroom is located in Soho, New York.

  • Cyborg— A futuristic sideboard made of birch plywood and MDF finished in a hi-gloss polyurethane, Cyborg provides storage and style for contemporary residential and commercial spaces. Its interior matte finish contrasts with the high sheen of the exterior, a testament to the underlying practical nature of the piece. Two doors with one adjustable shelf, as well as drawers, make Cyborg a perfect place to keep everything from fine china to liquor bottles, or office supplies to cookbooks. In bold colors like magenta and white, Cyborg is as much a conversation piece as it is a convenient cabinet. The designer behind Cyborg is Nick Dine, who also created a lower A/V version called Lo-Borg.
  • OSS— Designed by Dune Founder and President Richard Shemtov, OSS is an upholstered group seating unit made of MDF that sits on aluminum legs. Available in three models—96” round, 192” x 96” oval, and 240” x 96” oval—OSS revels in its two-toned, geometric design. OSS 240 features two seat heights, with irregular and organic semi-circular shapes cut out of the surface to create individual seating niches. The circular OSS 96 comes with four U-shaped indentations; the remaining higher level of the group seating system forms a cross pattee. The OSS system won Interior Design’s Best of the Year Award in the guest seating category.
  • Titan— The vision of Carlos Gestelum, Titan is a sofa and chair upholstered in polyurethane foam over a wood frame with brush, satinized aluminum legs. Larger than life, Titan envelops users in its comfortable package: the top wraps around the sofa and chair, ensconcing those within in a personal cocoon. This feature also gives Titan its signature style. From the side, Titan resembles a bulbous letter C, especially the lounge chair, whose width and depth are nearly equal at approximately 33 and 35 inches. The sofa, at 86” wide, tempers the orbicular nature of Titan without losing its larger-than-life appeal.

Because Dune makes furniture for modern urban living, its pieces pay special attention to scale: “Dune furniture is designed to complement generally smaller living spaces where there are greater concerns for storage, mobility, and practicality.” For larger spaces, Dune Contract offers alternatives that bring the innovative Dune aesthetic to life on a grander scale suitable for the hospitality, offices, education, and healthcare industries.

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