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Dietiker Furniture
+41 52 742 21 21 | Hofwisenstrasse 2 8260 Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

Dietiker designs and produces seating and tables that combine innovative aesthetics with high comfort. The company’s products include chairs, lounge furniture, and tables.


Since it was established in 1873, Dietiker Switzerland has worked with respected designers to create pieces that have made international design history. Known for its quality woodworking and guaranteed reliability and punctuality, Dietiker manufactures all its products in Switzerland.

  • Kalio Chair— A sculptural upholstered “swiveling masterpiece” designed as an “observation post in restaurants or waiting rooms,” Kalio is the work of Hannes Wettstein. Sitting on a circular steel pedestal base, Kalio Chair turns smoothly and easily. The chair’s dimensions welcome the human form and its design eases the human mind: “Ergonomics and harmony present themselves well-proportioned as if on a silver platter.” Constructed of molded foam on a lightweight frame with a webbed seat support, Kalio Chair changes its look depending on its cover fabric—bold in orange, demure in white, and so on. Kalio Chair is available in two models, a smaller chair and larger lounge.
  • Kolme— Designed by Greutmann Bolzern, Kolme nesting tables provide functional surfaces for everything from newspapers and coffee cups to table lamps and handheld gadgets. Aside from their practicality, Kolme coffee tables are “a genuine eye-catcher.” Large diagonal mitre joints and a strict linear edge give Kolme a sleek, contemporary style. In beech and oak, Kolme tables come in various sizes.
  • Siro— A bench system with freely-positionable backs and seat components available in four different lengths, Siro also includes bridge, corner, and side tables in different wood finishes. In fabric or leather upholstery, Siro’s seating can look sleek or inviting, elegant or cozy. Bridge tables provide excellent space for resting laptops and books; they are also available with upholstery to serve as comfortable armrests. Siro was designed by Wolfgang C. R. Mezger as an “aesthetically complete and consequent lounge programme.”

Dietiker Switzerland proudly touts its Swiss heritage. Made in Switzerland is a title the company takes seriously. The production location equals quality: detailed woodworking, excellent customer service, ecological responsibility, innovative technologies, and new materials.

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Dietiker AG

Hofwisenstrasse 2
8260 Stein am Rhein

Tel +41 52 742 21 21
Fax +41 52 742 21 90