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Ceilume is a manufacturer of ceiling tiles for drop ceiling installations and glue-up applications. The product line includes faux tin, 2 x 2 ceiling tiles, 2 x 4 ceiling panels, and border, slimline, refacing, and sustainable tiles.


Established in the 1950s, Ceilume has specialized in drop ceilings for more than 50 years, outfitting homes, offices, stores, schools, and hotels around the globe. Located one hour from the Golden Gate Bridge in Graton, California, Ceilume is a family-owned company that “prides itself on supporting its community, encouraging sustainability and being a good workplace for its employees.” Since 2007, Ceilume has also owned Ceilings Magnifique, which produces historic decorative ceilings. These reproduction tiles are “faithfully crafted in the classic tradition by the Snelling family of Blanchard, Louisiana.”

  • 2 x 4 Ceiling Panels: The “workhorse” of drop ceilings, 2 x 4 Ceiling Panels are ideal for commercial, restaurant, and retail applications. The contractor-grade mineral fiber panels became popular in the middle of the twentieth century due to cost and convenience. The large panels provide an inexpensive finish and easy access to “messy infrastructure concealed above the suspended ceiling T-bar grid.” However, the panels were not “intrinsically appealing.” Ceilume, however, has found a way to transform the 2 x 4 panels by turning the rectangle into two squares,thereby giving the look of decorative ceiling tiles “that can create patterns as pleasing to the eye today as they were to mosaic artisans 4,000 years ago.” The company’s new 2 x 4 Ceiling Panels remain cost-effective while delivering a strong aesthetic statement.
  • Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles: Ceilume’s collection of Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles are “simple to install, effortless to maintain, and easy on the budget.” These 100% moisture-resistant tiles require no special tools for installation and create a historic look without the expensive price. Made of GREENGUARD-certified vinyl, Ceilume Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles are available in many patterns that recall different historical periods. From ornate patterns such as Alexander and Bella to transitional options such as Circle Star and Orleans to modern interpretations such as Jackson and Bistro, the collection works with any residential or commercial interior style. All Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles come in three metallic finishes: Bronze, Copper, and Tin.
  • Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles: With all the style of faux tin and the convenience of vinyl, Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles offer the best of both worlds. These 2 x 2 foot ceiling tiles became popular again at the turn of the twenty-first century. Their forerunners, which were made of heavy corrugated iron, appeared in the mid-eighteen hundreds; at the turn of the nineteenth century, iron was replaced by steel, which made glue-up ceiling tiles much lighter. During World War II, however,prices of metal made these tiles impractical. The history of Glue-Up Ceiling Tiles has ensured that today’s products keep the style while altering the materials in order to achieve “every bit the equal of their forebears for beauty, and far exceed them for features and functionality.”
  • Ceilume manufactures its drop ceiling tiles and panels in the United States using two materials: Premiere is made from rigid vinyl, and Sustainable is made from 60% recycled material. No matter the option, all Ceilume tiles are Greenguard-certified, Class A fire rated, and fully recyclable.

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