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Caesarstone is a virtuoso manufacturer of innovative quartz surfaces for applications such as countertops, wall paneling, flooring, kitchen and bathrooms. Caesarstone's pioneering fabrication process has revolutionized the interior surfaces industry since it was developed in 1987, and the product's versatility, durability and natural beauty have ensured its increasing popularity through the present day.


Quartz is one of the hardest, most colorful and most common minerals on Earth, and Caesarstone's state-of-the-art quartz composite manufacturing process combines chips of the mineral with modern polymer resins and pigments, and molds, compresses and bakes them at high heat to produce a surface that is flawlessly smooth, beautiful, non-porous and stronger than granite. Caesarstone's tough and luminous material may then be transformed into any one of dozens of useful and attractive applications for the residential or commercial setting, from surfaces to benches and bathtubs. Caesarstone remains most popular in kitchen and bath settings.

  • Classico — Caesarstone's Classico collection is its tried-and-true set of original colors and textures, from fine-grained white on white composites to smooth surfaces containing large, glittering chips of bold black in a contrasting setting. Caesarstone's most popular line, the many Classico products are offered in a choice of three surface finishes: polished, matte and textured.
  • Supremo — Supremo by Caesarstone is the premium collection from the premier manufacturer of quartz surfaces in the world. The Supremo collection offers luxury man-made stone slabs in 8 outstanding colors and patterns, each painstakingly designed by a remarkable collaboration between human craftsmanship, high tech machinery and nature herself. Available in shades of pink, blue, black and white, Supremo stone can be brazen and glossy, rough and natural or delicate and actually translucent, capable of being lit from behind to produce a gorgeous soft glow from with a counter, wall or piece of furniture.
  • Concetto — Inspired by nature, Caesarstone's new Concetto range is a unique and spectacular tribute to nature's bounty. Each Concetto surface is composed of agglomerated and polished chips of semi-precious stone, including round blue agate, iridescent purple amethyst, tiger striped petrified wood and broad, thunder-grey hematite. Caesarstone's proprietary pressurization process displays the organic brilliance of the gemstones to their full effect.
  • Motivo —Motive is the first quartz surface ever developed that can be embossed with a range of textures or patterns, for a bold and entirely unique look that will enliven everything from floors to tabletops. Available in such eye-catching patterns as crocodile skin and baroque floral, Motivo from Caesarstone will redefine the humdrum living space for good.

Caesarstone's cutting edge automated manufacturing facility can create 20 million square feet of high-quality surfaces, without endangering the environment. With a complete product line in recycled materials, Caesarstone maintains a strong overall corporate commitment to ecological responsibility, demonstrated through LEED certifications and full compliance with the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, NSF 51 and ISO 14001 standards.



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