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BuzziSpace designs and manufactures acoustical solutions, including room dividers, wall tiles, booths, partition walls, furniture, and lighting. The company works primarily with felt, a material that’s recyclable, sound absorbent, and soft.


Based in Antwerp, BuzziSpace seeks to provide personalized space solutions that make home and office areas private, practical, and soundproof. The Belgian brand works with innovative designers such as Alain Gilles, who was named Designer of the Year in 2012 by the not-for-profit Interieur vzw, Knack Weekend, and Le Vif Weekend, in collaboration with the directors of Design museum Gent.

  • BuzziHood— Designed by Alain Gilles, BuzziHood is “an acoustic cocoon you can hang on the wall.” Shaped like the housings of old pay phones, BuzziHood lets people “answer the phone in peace in noisy surroundings.” Available in 47 colors—from neutrals like gray and charcoal to brights like magenta and orange—BuzziHood cheers up public and office spaces with its playful form. BuzziHood ensconces users in a personalized bubble, so they never have to ask, “Can you hear me now?”
  • BuzziHub— A single or double lounge surrounded by sidewalls and a canopy, BuzziHub ensconces users in a comfortable and quiet niche. Envisioned as “a central point in the social life of an office,” BuzziHub lets people meet informally or work independently within a larger open area. A place to connect and feel at home, this self-contained pod is the design of Alain Gilles, who intends for BuzziHub “to facilitate communication and improve personal wellbeing.”
  • BuzziSkin and BuzziSkin 3D— A felt wall system composed of colorful panels in different shapes, BuzziSkin is a sound-insulating, environmentally friendly surface. BuzziSkin allows you to pin photos and papers on its soft expanse, turning office and home walls into stylish memo boards. BuzziSkin comes in self-adhesive rolls of 10 metres long that are easy to install. For people who want something more textural, BuzziSkin 3D offers different surface treatments, for tiles with an “architectonic touch.” From horizontal and vertical stripes to faceted diamonds, BuzziSkin 3D gives walls a sculptural quality. Both tile designs are the work of Sas Adriaenssens.

BuzziSpace is a company that seeks to provide ecologically responsible products. They won the OVAM Ecodesign Award PRO 2009, as well as the Henry van de Velde Award for most innovative company. Sas Adriaenssens, the creative mind behind BuzziSpace’s acoustic designs, explains the importance of sustainability: “Designers determine what the waste of the future will be… Felt can be recycled 4 to 5 times to make one of our products and even then it can be used as acoustic material in cars.”

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