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With nearly 35 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of carpeting for hospitality and residential venues, Aqua Hospitality Carpets is one of North America’s foremost purveyors of quality floor surface coverings. The company’s vast experience and comprehensive knowledge of the industry is a tremendous asset for clients: “Aqua Hospitality offers a thorough understanding of the market to provide the expertise needed in all areas of carpet design and manufacturing... from mid to upper end hotel properties, timeshares, condominiums, and luxury resort facilities.”


The parent company of Aqua Hospitality Carpets is Beaulieu Group, LLC. One of the most prominent carpet-only manufacturers in the U.S., Beaulieu Group designs and creates its own carpet fibers. These Type Six Nylon and Polyester fibers are made using environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes. Further, Beaulieu Group’s patented Nexterra carpet backing features a high content of recycled and reclaimed material—containing a minimum of 40% recycled content from polyethylene terepthalate-based water and soda bottles, as well as recycled content from post consumer glass.

  • One Way and Round Trip— The latest edition to Aqua Hospitality Group’s line, One-Way and Round Trip carpets feature a 1/10 gauge tip sheared loop construction and 100% Avalar solution dyed nylon. Both carpets offer an intriguing geometricality and compelling interplay of neutral and vibrant colors. The travel theme of One Way is born out in the linear orientation and dynamism of styles like “Ticket to Paradise,” “On the Runway,” and “Duty Free.” Round Trip features a bold contrasting pattern of thin stripes atop small spheroids. Both One Way and Round Trip are available in a standard 36oz. face weight for public space, or 32oz. face weight for guest rooms.
  • Yo-Yo— A machine gauged, solution dyed carpeting employing Aqua Hospitality’s Avalar SDX Nylon yarn, Yo-Yo is a hard-wearing yet extraordinarily elegant carpet in a broad range of diverse colorways. Yo-Yo’s compelling interplay of vertical striping and spiraling organic shapes deeds it a striking yet versatile aesthetic appropriate for a wide variety of venues: guest rooms, lounges, restaurants, and bars.
  • Zanzibar— Aqua Hospitality Group’s Zanzibar Collection is a bold and brash pattern of vertical stripes of different widths—each in a striking assortment of vibrant colors. Designed to draw attention floorward while imparting a sense of dynamic movement and energy, Zanzibar comes in seven different color combinations, from the more sedate browns and blacks of Stonetown, to the brash blues, greens, and reds of Dhow Palace.

As a subsidiary of Beaulieu Group, Aqua Hospitality Carpets adheres to a comprehensive sustainability policy. The company’s ReAct Program mandates reclamation and re-use of commercial broadloom carpeting: “we combine our recycling capabilities with those of our third-party recycling partners to recycle carpets made by Aqua as well as other carpet manufacturers.” In addition to their efforts in reclamation and recycling, Aqua Hospitality Carpets is also a premier purchaser of green power. The company has been recognized by the EPA for its utilization of energy generated from environmentally preferable renewable resources such as wind farms.

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Aqua Hospitality Carpets

201 Princeton Boulevard
Adairsville, GA 30103

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