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Focusing on contract upholstery textiles with on-trend colorways, bold designs and high-quality performance, Anzea was founded in 1990 by creative director Mitzi Mills and business partner Bruce Doeren. Inspired by graphic design, photography and international travel, the textiles are created using a mix of materials, from natural fibers to polyester yarns.

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Founded in 1990 by creative director Mitzi Mills and business partner Bruce Doeren, Anzea gives contract fabrics a touch of luxury and a lot of style with its “leading edge colors, bold designs, and high performance.” Mills’ graphic design background and love of travel and photography have produced a rich and varied suite of textiles. Besides Mills’ designs, Anzea offers fabrics envisioned by talented designers Jhane Barnes and Ruth Adler Schnee.

  • Jhane Barnes Collection: The Jhane Barnes Collection expanded the design textiles offered by Anzea, “adding a layer of sophisticated fashion.” Thirteen patterns in a wide range of colorways work well in residential, hospitality, and other interiors. The geometric power of Boomerang, with its three-pointed stars forming dynamic hexagons, works perfectly in industrial spaces and contemporary office suites. Bold colors like Ruby, Cadet, and Foliage make a bold statement, while neutrals like Black, Butter, and Acorn complement minimalist style. Swoop has an ornamental curvilinear motif in two tones. Its sinuous forms are decorative and exotic. Red Smooch and gold Bling are sexy and dramatic, while blue Lagoon and navy Indigo are divine and demure.
  • Simple Inspirations: In answer to the demands of healthcare and hospitality markets, Anzea released four bleach-cleanable options in 2013. Part of the Mitzi Mills collection for ANZEA Textiles, Simple Inspirations provides an easy solution for disinfecting surfaces and removing stubborn stains. The high-performance fabrics include Sound Waves, Hold the Line, Garden Gems, and Neutral Ground. Sound Waves uses stain and bleach resistant Bella-Dura yarns, the leading environmentally responsible yarn options in the marketplace: “It is the only fiber on the market, synthetic or natural, that begins as a by-product of post-industrial waste and ends its life as a fully recyclable product.” Hold the Line is inspired by subway lines and features a contemporary palette in a UV-resistant fabric. Garden Gems takes its cue from the fresh colors in a summer garden, and Neutral Ground mimics the rich neutrals of the earth, sky, and sea.
  • Too Close to Call: This faux leather collection “is just a hair away from real leather.” The six fabrics in Too Close to Call do not contain any PVC or plasticizers and do not emit off gasses, thanks to using the latest technology in the manufacturing process. All of the collection’s luxurious fabrics are easily cleaned, making them ideal for healthcare environments. And their built-in stain-resistant finish cannot be washed or worn off. The faux leather is also specially engineered with a skin-like fiber matrix construction that maximizes breathability and comfort. Buckaroo, Bull’s Eye, Calf Crazy, Fowl Play, Just Kidding, and Mammoth Deception all mimic leather in look and feel: “The glove leather look of Calf Crazy or the pebble grain texture of Buckaroo will fool everyone but the cow,” explains Anzea.
  • Based in the arts district of Fort Worth, Texas, Anzea produces a diverse and lively collection of contract upholstery fabrics. The company manufactures green faux leathers in nylon matrix and polyurethane. Anzea also partners with manufacturers such as Cabot Wrenn and Eurotrend to grade Anzea textiles into their pricing.




901 Foch Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Tel 817.336.2310