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Andreu World America Furniture
312.464.0900 | 222 Merchandise Mart, Suite 10-132 Chicago, IL 60654

Starting from “less than scratch,” the company today known as Andreu World began in 1955 when 17 year old Francisco Andreu experienced the loss of his family’s wood-working factory: “We started from scratch. But I had already known the factory since I was 10. And I liked it.” Weathering an unfavorable economic climate and a lack of infrastructure (no electricity), Andreu perservered by relying on a network of local artisans. Within a few years, electricity arrived and operations became streamlined. Shortly thereafter, Andreu began to manufacture Nordic style chairs using beech wood and the company began to earn a reputation as a quality purveyor of avant garde furnishings in the Modern style.


Andreu World is a renowned international manufacturer of seating, tables, and upholsteries. The company has a reputation for staying on the leading edge of design. At Andreu World, each decade since the 1960s has brought new innovations in outlook and conception, and one can discern the company’s rising trajectory through their collaborations with particular designers: Ximo Roca, Vicente Soto, and Angel Martí in the 70s; Josep Mora, Nancy Robbins, Pedro Miralles, and Alberto Lievore in the 80s and 90s; and William Sawaya and Mario Bellini in the new millennium.

  • Seating— Arguably Andreu World’s signature product, the Nordic Style chair in Bentwood Beech was the first Andreu World item to garner international acclaim and subsequent seating lines have built upon this antecedent by refining ergonomics and incorporating various lightweight materials. Winner of the National Design Award, Josep Lluscà’s Andrea (1990) is a three-legged chair that, by synthesizing solid wood and cast aluminum, displays extraordinary lightness as well as aesthetic and functional resiliency. The Nanda Line by Lievore Altherr Molina departs from the tradition of solid wood to harmonize a solid steel base with an upholstered Cuero leather structure. And Estudio Andreu’s Andrea employs webbing as both a structural element and a surpassing aesthetic feature: “This model stands out for its use of oak wood, for the exquisite webbing work and its suggestive combination of tradition and modernity.”
  • Tables— Andreu World’s line of tables run the aesthetic and stylistic gamut—from side tables in solid steel to dining tables in oak plywood; from glass-topped tours de force to more restrained offerings in exquisitely joined solid beech. Apropos of the latter, Estudio Andreu’s Nilo is a collection of fixed or extending tables in solid wood. Options for this classically inclined line include beech and oak. Confined to one side, the innovative extension systems are exceptionally convenient and quite simple to operate. On the opposite end of the aesthetic spectrum, the Top Acero line is a modular collection of contemporary tabletops finished in stainless steel veneer that can be paired with Andreu World’s extensive collection of bases: “practical, functional, easy-to-clean table tops offering strength and durability, either for the home, the contract, and the outdoor market.”
  • Upholstery— Andreu World’s extensive collection of upholsteries are designed with the discerning consumer in mind. Among the company’s vast offerings in fabric, leather, woven bands, and exclusive Maharam fabrics, one encounters both traditional and avant garde styles. Anagram is a cotton-poly-nylon blend with a vibrant, intricate geometrical pattern in multiple colorways. The Amaretta fabric line offers nearly 50 different solid colors in a durable polyamide polyurethane blend. And the Cuero line features top quality cow hide with an intriguing textured look in 50 different colors, from deep reds, pinks, and mauves to the darkest navy blues and midnight blacks.

Following a 50 year tradition of remaining in step with the most contemporary trends in design, Andreu World has recently enacted a comprehensive policy of environmental awareness and sustainable practice. To that end, the company partners exclusively with suppliers of raw wood from FSC managed forests. Further, the company has achieved compliance with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards. In addition to its recent environmental achievements, Andreu World has garnered multiple accolades for aesthetic and functional excellence, including Best of NeoCon awards in 2011 and 2012 and the Red Dot Design Award in 2012.

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Andreu World America

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