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3Form is a leading manufacturer of innovative, sustainable building materials and architectural hardware solutions for the Architecture and Design industry. 3form's achievements in lightweight, durable, and sustainable materials like Varia Ecoresin can be attributed to their team of highly-trained architects, material engineers, and structural experts. Their pledge to go green has driven 3form's entire business model —from driving the use of renewable sources for power production, to employing reclaimed and recycled materials in the production stream, and incorporating features that help earn LEED points in a variety of categories.

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Most of 3form's creative products are manufactured in one of it's high-quality, environmentally sensitive and long-lasting resins, which are also sold in sheets and panels. These resins, in a bewildering variety of colors, textures and shapes, transmit light in specific, controlled ways, allowing 3form's lighting and surface solutions to glow from within, sparkle with reflected light or appear completely transparent.

  • Architectural Materials — Varia Ecoresin, a translucent resin available in any shape, color and texture the consumer can imagine, is 3form's oldest and most popular product. Made from 40% pre-consumer recoiled resin for energy efficiency, and flexible enough to take complex curves or make foot-thick blocks, Varia is the foundation of many of 3form's purpose-built products. Varia is versatile enough that it can be textured and colored to look exactly like wood veneer, carved limestone, flawless crystal or anything in between, and in one stunning variation that 3form uses prominently is the transparent sheet of Varia with organic materials like grass, bamboo rings and wild flowers pressed into the center. 3form's other materials are also made from recycled plastics, and are all suitable for LEED projects and any creative endeavor. 100 Percent, made entirely from post-consumer HDPE, is perhaps the most environmentally sustainable of them all, while still retaining all the functionality of 3form's other resins. Chroma is all about color- made in saturated, bold tones, it is designed especially for opaque horizontal surfaces. Koda XT is a polycarbonate material of exterior applications with stunning light-transmission in addition to its impact-resistance and small environmental footprint. Stone sounds like what it is, except that this stone is made of flexible polyresin, making it easy to work with, and can glow on command. Finally, Struttura is a collection of translucent panels with complex three dimensional cores like honeycombs, bubbles, tubes or pyramids.
  • Solutions — In addition to pure resins, 3form sells a number of innovative design products out of its own resins. These range from molded shapes in rainbow colors for artistic installations to the practical line 3form calls its Ready to Go Solutions, including sliding doors, window glazing, partitions, columns, walls, ceiling features, shelving, desks, tables, chairs and simple lighting solutions.
  • Studio — 3form's Studio collection comprises 7 unique design systems intended to transform ordinary spaces with striking colors and creative forms. Ditto, made from Varia Ecoresin, is an easy-to-install modular separator consisting of a network of interlocking resin crosses, which can curve through any room and be easily transformed to the user's exact specifications. GECKO by Creation Baumann is a bright a playful line of adherent window glazing to add color and life to ordinary spaces. Parametre is a flexible, non-woven polyester honeycomb, a lightweight and see-through grid that creates gorgeous patterns of light and shadow, and is best used as a vertical separator. Poured Glass, in any color and texture, and often with beautiful highlights trapped within it, is a stunning centerpiece to any installation. Ripple Wall and Wave Wall are modular designs that alternate undulating waves of colored material for an intriguing textured surface. Wovin Wall is similar but, as the name suggests, it gives the appearance of a woven fabric, with strips of resin laying over and under each other to create a complex, eye-catching surface.
  • Lighting — 3form's innovative translucent materials interact beautifully with light from without and within, and the company has started to exploit this by creating a number of lighting solutions that highlight its resins. The Studio Collection offers a range of fairly traditional, elegant pendant lights, wall sconces and stand lights in a range of colors and intriguing decorative motifs. The Light Art Ready to Go line is a little more creative, with glowing sheets of textured resin for wall mounting and ornate flower-shaped pendants. 3form's Custom Solutions are its pride and joy, however- large, handmade, totally unconventional lighting designs full of curving, crinkled sheets and streamers, they are really more like luminescent statuary than lights as we've come to know them. And as the name implies, they can be designed and built on commission to the customer's specifications.





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