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Manufacturer's Product Description

For one-day drywall finishing of interior gypsum panels and exterior gypsum ceiling boards

SHEETROCK® Brand EASY SAND™ Lightweight Setting-Type Joint Compounds are chemically-setting powder compounds for drywall interiors and exteriors that permit same-day joint finishing and, usually, next-day decoration. Compounds are lightweight for easy handling and sand easily for fast, smooth finishing. They are ideal for heavy fills and are virtually unaffected by humidity. They provide low shrinkage and superior bond, which makes them excellent for laminating gypsum panels to gypsum panels, to sound-deadening boards, and to above-grade concrete surfaces. In addition, they can be used for filling, smoothing and finishing interior concrete ceilings and above-grade concrete; for taping and finishing SHEETROCK Brand Water-Resistant Gypsum Panels[!]under tile in bathroom wall areas; for taping and finishing SHEETROCK® Brand HUMITEK™ Gypsum Panels and for finishing joints in exterior gypsum ceiling boards.

To meet varying job requirements, a range of setting times is available. The suffix number identifying each joint compound indicates an approximate setting time. For example, EASY SAND 90 sets in approximately 85-130 minutes. Other formulations include 20 (20-30 minutes); 45 (30-80 minutes); 210 (180-240 minutes); and 300 (240-360 minutes). For patching applications requiring very quick setting, SHEETROCK® Brand Patching Compound EASY SAND™ 5, with a setting time of 8-12 minutes, is available.

SHEETROCK® Brand EASY SAND™ Lightweight Setting-Type Joint Compounds are chemically-setting compounds for interior gypsum panels and exterior gypsum ceiling boards. These powder compounds mix easily with water and weigh 25% less than conventional setting-type joint compounds for easy handling. Provide sanding ease similar to a ready-mixed, all-purpose joint compound. They allow one-day finishing with next-day decoration to ensure rapid job completion and earlier occupancy. Compounds resist humidity for easy application in damp weather when drying-type compounds would delay job completion. Also excellent for patching and smoothing interior drywall and concrete surfaces because they provide superior bond, low shrinkage and fast setting-action.

Weighs 25% less than conventional setting-type compounds

Easy to sand for fast, smooth finishing

Exceptional bond with low shrinkage

Choice of setting times to meet varying job requirements

Meets ASTM C475

Unique humidity resistance

Check-crack resistance in heavy fills

Follow good safety and industrial hygiene practices during handling and installation of all products and systems. Take necessary precautions and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment as needed. Read material safety data sheets and related literature on products before specification and/or installation.

All trademarks used herein are property of USG Corporation or one of its subsidiaries.

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