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Manufacturer's Product Description

Your MOLTENI will never be the same as any other. Only by creating it from scratch, according to your dream, will you obtain the maximum expression of the MOLTENI tradition. You can always expect the maximum professionalism from our design team throughout the creation of your Dream Stove. This specialized service guarantees uniquely made-to-measure appliances regarding dimensions, finishes and cooking combinations, able to offer extraordinary performances from all points of view. As with all solutions featuring the symbol of the large crowned “M”.

Bar Grill
* Available areas from 12 dmq to 51 dmq
* Electric power from 4,84 kw to 19,50 kw

Cast Iron Electric Solid Top
* Single area
* Electric power from 2 kw to 5 kw
* Dimensions 300x300mm or 305x600mm

Cast Iron Gas Solid Top
* Gas power from 7 kw or 14 kw
* Dimensions from 500x400mm to 1400x500mm

Electric Bain-Marie
* Manual or automatic water filling
* GN 1/1 or GN 2/1
* Electric power from 2,38 kw to 4,76 kw

Electric hot cupboard
* Hinged or sliding doors
* Electric power from 1,50 kw to 3,00 kw
* Front dimensions from 350 mm to 1050 mm

Electric or Gas Fryer
* 1 or 2 independant tanks
* Well capacity from 7 to 18 litre
* Gas power from t kw to 25 kw
* Electric power from 7,20 kw to 14,40 kw

Electric or Gas Grill
* Cast iron, chromiumplated, “charcoal”, “plancha” (smooth, ribbed)
* Available areas from 12 dmq to 30 dmq
* Gas power from 8,50 kw to 17 kw
* Electric power from 4,84 kw to 9,68 kw

Electric Solid Top Plate
* With 2 or 4 areas
* Electric power from 8kw to 16 kw
* Dimensions from 400x740mm to 840x740mm

Gas or Electric Pasta cooker
* Above technical cupboard
* Well capacity or 40 litre or 2x40 litre
* Gas power 13 kw or 26 kw
* Electric power 8,70 kw or 17,40 kw

Hot surface
* Electric power from 0,50 kw to 2 kw
* Dimensions from 0,25mq to 1mq

Inductin Hot Plate
* 2 or 4 areas, wok and large surface
* Electric power from 5 kw by areas,

Neutral Cupboard
* Hinged or sliding doors, with shelf
* Front dimensions from 350 mm to 1050 mm
* Depth from 700mm to passthrough

Open Burner under Enamelled cast Iron Grid
* With drawer to collect overflow
* Gas power 5,80 kw or 9,30 kw.
* Dimensions from 250x250mm to 300x650mm

Open burner under Stainless steel grid
* With a water tank or a pan to avoid overflow
* Gas power 5,80 kw or 9,60 kw
* Dimensions 400x400mm or 500x400mm

Open Cupboard
* With shelf
* 1 Front dimensions from 350mm to 1050mm
* Depth from 700mm to passthrough

Static Gas or Electric Oven
* GN 1/1, GN 2/1 or passthrough
* Gas power from 8 kw to 11 kw
* Electric power from 5 kw to 8 kw

Activity with Molteni Made-To-Measure