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Manufacturer's Product Description

various sizes, available in natural brown and deep black

paper softseating is made entirely from kraft paper with 50% recycled content, and all elements utilize a flexible honeycomb structure to fan open into stools, benches and loungers. The geometry of the honeycomb structure allows for a modest amount of paper to take on surprisingly impressive strength. Each of the sizes and types of softseating can compress like a big book and be stored just like a book on a shelf! paper softseating is available in natural, unbleached brown kraft paper and kraft paper that has been dyed a deep black with bamboo charcoal ink to emphasize the geometric pattern of light and shadow in the honeycomb structure. paper softseating can be used creatively and interchangeably as seating or as low tables, and the elements can even be stacked and overlaid playfully as building blocks to create unusual seating topographies.

paper softseating is presently available as paper fanning stools in eight sizes, and as a paper fanning lounger with a generous 2135mm (7') diameter! softseating uses embedded magnetic connectors to fan open into stools, or to link to one another to form winding benches. paper fanning stools can be stacked to make tables and pedestals, and the giant paper loungers can be leaned up against another seating element or wall to form contoured backrests of incredible sculptural beauty. The combinations of joining, stacking and leaning the paper stools and loungers provides endless possibilities for creating seating environments and interior landscapes.

paper softseating is not intended to be disposable, or thought of for short term use - the paper in fact, gets better with age, as the surface texture of the paper edges softens with use over time into a pleasing natural patina. As the paper stools and loungers are used, the edges of the paper gently soften and crush, creating irregular facets that catch the light and form a unique organic pattern within the crisp honeycomb geometry of the structure. Although the surface of the paper softens, the stools and loungers maintain their structural integrity. It is the honeycomb geometry that lends the paper great strength with an economy of material resource.

paper softseating is 100% recyclable, made from 50% recycled content and is flame retardant (will not catch fire). This product has been tested in accordance with the “California Technical Bulletin 133 - Flammability Test Procedure for Seating Furniture for use in Public Occupancies” and has been confirmed to comply with this standard. A copy of the certificate for California Technical Bulletin 133 compliance is available upon request.

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